Being British topless sunbathing is not an issue for me but the whole nude thing is. I would like to but think I would definitely be turning right!

My question is I assume you can cross to the island in a bikini and sarong. Is it acceptable to find your spot and disrobe or do you have to strip as soon as you dock at the island!!!!

Also forgive my innocence but I got the impression that some people use the tower to indulge in a bit of romance. Is this correct as I would hate to interrupt anything.

Do people on the right tend to go off to find a spot for a bit of passion, again for me I find the idea quite appealing but just for me and my hubby. Hub says we could sunbathe nude on our balcony but I have to say sunbathing nude in the open so to speak adds a bit of spice.

In some respects I wish that topless sunbathing was more acceptable because that's enough for me. I think its the combination of walking around almost nude and the sun etc.