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    Being British topless sunbathing is not an issue for me but the whole nude thing is. I would like to but think I would definitely be turning right!

    My question is I assume you can cross to the island in a bikini and sarong. Is it acceptable to find your spot and disrobe or do you have to strip as soon as you dock at the island!!!!

    Also forgive my innocence but I got the impression that some people use the tower to indulge in a bit of romance. Is this correct as I would hate to interrupt anything.

    Do people on the right tend to go off to find a spot for a bit of passion, again for me I find the idea quite appealing but just for me and my hubby. Hub says we could sunbathe nude on our balcony but I have to say sunbathing nude in the open so to speak adds a bit of spice.

    In some respects I wish that topless sunbathing was more acceptable because that's enough for me. I think its the combination of walking around almost nude and the sun etc.

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    Yes you ride to the island in your suit find your spot get your towels out and get your spot the way you want it and then disrobe. The bathroom is in the tower and you will see a staircase going to the top there is a chain/sign to place arcoss the staircase that couples put in place if they are having "alone time". You will find that the island is small people might go to the right to get used to the AN experience if its their first time or they might go to the right because your out in the open a bit more than by the pool and bar. Its usually not as crowded. There is a small staircase going down into the water that people use to take a dip and cool off. The island is a fantastic experience!! Have fun.

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    1. Once you get to island and get situated then dis robe

    2. I'm sure its happened more than once but you won't interupt as a sign normally gets put up at the bottum entrance to tower.

    3. No, stricly sun bathing reading talking, PDAs are seriously frowned on

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    Wardrobe for the boat ride is at your discretion. You can disrobe after you find your spot on the island.
    I have heard tales of folks climbing the tower steps to "enjoy the view" for a while, but have no personnal knowledge of such activity. I will say, however, that it is cramped, windy, and the floor is hard up there.
    There is no place on the island private enough for a "bit of passion", other than the tower - see above.
    Sunbathing on the balcony is problematic, because for most of the day, the sun is too high and the roof too low to provide direct sunlight to the balcony.
    You can sunbathe topless on the end of the pier, but why go halfway? Come on out to the island, get naked, enjoy the sun, refreshments and the great folks you will meet there, and you'll never want to wear a swim suit again, I guarantee it.

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    No worries, you can find your spot and then disrobe. If you want a drink though, you will have to walk down to the pool. This, however, warrants a warning, because once you come down to the pool area, you will find some of the nicest people you will ever meet, that's what happened to us.

    As for romance, Couples isn't really the place for that (PDA's), although I have seen people go up the tower, having said that, if I came down as quick as they did my wife would have been quite upset!

    No matter what end you go to you will have a great time!! Enjoy

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    Sorry I though a PDA was an electronic organiser. Can you educate me please.

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    They frown on PDAs, but I bring my Blackberry, anyway.
    Actually, PDA in this case means "public displays of affection". To put it simply, no sex in public.

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    no sex in public? what a terrible way to go through life

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    WooHoo! Thumbsup nin-shaw...

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