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    Default March 13-20 at Tower Isle!

    We will be a Couples Tower Isle March 13-20! Anyone else going to be they the same time? Would like to meet up for dinner, golf, or just going to the beach. Post your picture and tell us were your from.

    David and Brook
    Fosston, MN / Grand Forks, ND
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    We'll be there the exact same dates!! We are under the March 2010 posts (our picture and info). It's going to be a blast!! In fact, I think I replyed to your message on that board (March 2010) if you are also under the name David&Brook
    Chelsea and Zach

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    Hey David...we've already met Brook on the "March 2010" thread. Come pay us a visit there. You will find a bunch of us that will be there during your stay.

    By the way...we are from Blaine. Love the AP AD jerseys. But I'm trying to move on to cheering on the Wild, and your picture caused me to relapse into mourning again. How'd you get on the field?

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