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    Default Jamaica in Vancouver 2010!

    Jamaica is competing in the 2010 Olympics with 1 athlete competing in skiing, unfortunately the bobsled team did not qualify

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    And the one athlete lives in California -

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    I know it's sad! I actually wanted to brave the crazy crowds and watch them! They were staying with us in the summer but VANOC wouldn't allow them to train on the track! Despite all the cut backs to health care and social services to pay for the games, we did a good job last night! It would have been fun to be there but the price of the tickets are = to one weeks stay at CSA, so it wasn't worth it!!!
    I will cheer for team Jamaica and team Canada! I just hope they have truck in enough snow for the event, it's raining and warm today so hopefull it won't all melt! Our hearts go out to the family and team members of Nodar Kumaritashvili.

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    it's sort of sad when a country has only one athlete. i am impressed with how hard it must have been to get there but it just seems lonely. i know there are coaches and other people who it's not like the person is alone but it's still a little sad.

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    Melody ~ Don't be sad for the countries with only one team member. The athletes stay in a 'village' just for them and they meet lots of other people. It is kinda like a college campus. He will meet lots of new friends and have a great time.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    When does he race?

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    It's not "sad" to me at all. It's an honor for him to wear his country's colors in front of the whole world. It doesn't snow in Jamaica . Their only athlete lives here and with the exception of the Bobsled Team, Jamaica is one of many nations that is rarely represented in the winter Olympics.

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