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    We stayed at CSA two years ago for my birthday. On the morning of my birthday I got up early and grabbed my snorkel stuff and went in the ocean. While I was in there I found a really nice conch shell and I thought "Ah! The ocean gave me a birthday present!" and I took it back to my room. Fast forward to that night, as my boyfriend and I wake up to thump thump thump. When we flip on the light there's a huge BAT flying around the room! I run for the bathroom only to find that what I thought was an empty shell has come alive and I slip on a live conch (who's trying to make a break for it out the bathroom door). Of course we had booked an atrium room and the bathroom walls don't go all the way up to the ceiling, so now the bat is in the bathroom with me on my butt with a conch (which looks like 7 inches of snot dragging a shell) on my lap. We had to grab Larry (which we later named the conch) and run out of the room and go to the lobby to get assistance with bat removal.

    It was a long night. Larry had to live in a bucket of sea water for the rest of the night, and he was dropped off the snorkel boat to a new home the next day.

    oh, and my boyfriend is banned from using the toaster ovens at breakfast due to multiple english muffin fires, but that's another story.

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    Some of these stories are so funny, hope I have some good, hopefully non embarrassing, ones to tell about our visit to CSA in March!

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    I enjoyed too many Bob Marley shots at the beach bar at CSS. The next night, I "meet" another couple, introduce myself and suggest they try a Bob Marley. They said that they did them with me the night before. Then they said if I check my camera they would be on it. Sure enough, I introduced myself to a couple that I was hanging out with the night before. Clearly Bob Marleys have a bad reaction on my memory. The wife was quite impressed with me she said. Come to think of it, she may have had a sarcastic tone in her voice.

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    I'm still laughing about the english muffin fires! LMAO!

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    This actually happened to our friend Julie when we were there a few years ago. There was a group of much older couples (about 80 years old). The gentleman wanted to dance but his wife and her friends didn't so went around asking different people to dance. He asked Julie to dance as he saw her swaying to the music in her seat. Julie accepted and they danced. It was not a slow song there was no touching. About 20 minutes later a song came on and Julie wanted to dance but no one at our table did so I told Julie to go ask the elderly gentleman as he asked you the last time. She wasn't sure but since she had about 6 glasses of wine she said Why Not. Well Julie goes over to ask him if he would like to dance and his wife jumps up out of her seat to chase Julie away while yelling at her that she was a Hussy and a husband stealer and that he was her husband. Julie explained that she had her own husband and was only asking him to dance as he asked her before but the wife was yelling as Julie was running away. We were rolling at the table as this little woman who was at least 5 inches shorter than Julie was yelling at her. For the next two days (until they left) Julie was in hiding as everytime the wife and her two friends saw her they would point out There goes the husband stealing Hussy. It was really kinda sweet that she thought her husband was wanted by other women. BTW he walked around CN wearing a little red speedo and a shirt that said What the F***.

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    You got it right. The only details I can add is that it took two people at that beach bar about 10 minutes to dig that bottle of wine up. The girls really tried to drink it because they didn't want to be rude after they put so much effort into finding that bottle. Then they tried to make us finish their glasses because it was so bad. It was truly awful. I think Lew actually had a bit of cork floating in hers.

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    Default So many stories...

    After 6 trips to Jamaica, we certainly have some stories! Most of them involve my hubby and Red Stripe, so I'll just tell one for now!

    Our first trip to Jamaica was to COR (now CTI) in 2003. That was back before they had digital safes and gave you an actual lock and key. They told us upon checking in that if we lost the key, it would cost $100 to replace it because they would have to have the lock drilled out and a new key made. I tucked that info away in the part of my brain that I'm sure I'll never have to access again, and off we go to our room.

    After putting our valuables in the safe, we decide to go find the bar and some food. We couldn't figure out what to do with the safe key so my hubby says to give it to him, which I do. Why I thought that was a good idea I'll never know, as he had already a few Red Stripes (6 or 8) on the way to the resort, plus the glass of champagne at check in.

    Anyway, I don't see what he does with the key, but off we go.

    After returning to our room (after a few more Red Stripes) I ask him what he did with the key so I can put something else in the safe. He looks at me like I've got 3 heads (maybe he actually saw 3, I'm not sure) and says "I don't have it." After convincing him that he was, indeed, the one who put it away for safe keeping, he still can't remember what he did with it!

    We searched every nook and cranny of the room and couldn't find it. I then vaguely recall that they told me something about a drill and $100 if we lost it. I called the front desk and ask can they please refresh my memory on what happens if we lose the key. They repeat what they said before and tell me if we don't find it by morning let them know and they'll call in the locksmith.

    Well, we decide there's nothing that can be done that night and go to bed. Next morning my hubby gets up and is digging in his shaving kit for something and says "hey, what's this key go to?"

    Sure enough, he had put it in there for safe keeping! I promptly took it away and told him he was never allowed to be the keeper of the key again!

    Good times!
    Pam Brown
    Norman, OK
    Couples Preferred Agency/Couples Specialist

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    Ahhh yes, the key keeper! We played that one too! We went to COR in '94, and, like you got the warning on what happens if you lose the key. As I recall one of the very first things they tell you is NOT to go in the water with your key. Apparently My brain figured this didn't apply if i moved the little "springy" key holder all the way up to my bicep. Not 20 minutes after we checked in, we were on the beach, and I was sooooo ready to feel that beautiful blue water, as I dove in, I felt that little ring expand out and poof. off the arm! Ok, stand up and stay in one spot, it couldn't go far right? So I stand up to find that the water is just below my chin, and the waves are pretty much going over top of my head. While keeping my toes dug in as much as possible, I yelled to my wife, letting her know what just happened, and if she could run over to the dive shack and fetch me a snorkel mask. After what felt like forever she returned. At the time my lovely wife was not a swimmer, (she has since learned), so getting the mask to me was a bit problematic. My brave wife waded out as far as she dared and threw the mask as far as she could! After coming almost back to shore I had the mask and went on a key hunt! On the first dive I spotted it, and grabbed it on the second. I believe that every employee that was near the beach, knew what the story was, and for the rest of my wonderful week, I was reminded of it at least once a day.

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    Ok, since I told a funny on my friend, I should 'fess up and tell one on myself.

    Scubajon and I were at CTI in 2000 (our second visit to CTI) and we traditionally on our first day, let's say we "over-indulge" in the bar offerings :-) We had waded out into the water (with our drinks) to lay on the large anchored floaty so I could sunbath topless for a little while.

    Scubajon had left a couple of times for bar runs while I enjoyed the sunshine. When it was time to come off the floaty and head in to get ready for dinner, I couldn't get out of the water! No kidding, I kept falling down and proclaiming rather loudly that "the waves are knocking me down!!!!!". Of course, the "waves" were about 10" high and shouldn't have been posing a problem. Anyway, Jon was on the beach laughing so hard he couldn't catch his breath. Meanwhile, I kept falling into the water and kept trying not to spill my Red Stripe :-)

    I was apparently pretty entertaining because 2 couples on their way to an early drink/dinner stopped to watch until I finally made it out of the water!

    Jon still teases me about it :-)

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    Too many Bob Marley's? A group of us were sitting at breakfast one morning at CN after a late night of partying at the Piano Bar. One of the guys at our table was lamenting how he doesn't remember going to bed the night before. He says to the group "I bet I'm the only guy in Jamaica who didn't get laid last night!" The waiter who was pouring our coffee politely replied "No mon, you're not!"

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    These are some funny stories! Keep'em Comin!

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    We were at CN several years ago and went out on the para-sail boat. There were (2) other couples and everyone was talking about where they were staying. (2) of the girls were staying at H-II and when they told the other couple, the other couple got a digusted look on their face and said something about the kind of people that would stay there. Later when it was the other couple's turn to go tandem they asked if anyone would take their picture while they were up. One of the (2) girls said they would, so the other couple gave their digital camera to the girl. While the other couple was up the girl pretended to take their picture. Then, she had her friend bend over and drop her suit and took a picture of her backside w/ the couples camera.

    We laughed about that for the rest of the week.

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    There's this "Urban Legend" tale that we've heard many times about a couple of travelers on an island vacation (not Couples) that upon returning home and getting their film processed, had picture of a housekeeper doing disturbing things to their toothbrushes....We were talking with friends we made at CN and they mentioned that they had heard it also...and were keeping their toothbrushes in their room safe..after quite a bit of chuckling,Lisa looked at me and said "should we do that?"..I said honey, it's like day 5, don't think it matters much now

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    My wife and I were at CN in 08 with a group of friends having a great time. We seldom meet people that we don't get along with...but...this little lady popped off to my wife the day before about something. My wife held her toungue. I was playing volleyball the next day around NOON and noticed a guy CARRYING off his wasted wife from the pool bar. My wife was at the pool bar as well watching us play volleyball. I asked her later what had happened to the lady. My wife replied with this little grin and said I sent her about 4 bob marleys. We didn't see the couple for two days (:

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