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    I know that I read about this previously, but I can't seem to find the thread. My future wife and I will be going to CSA for our honeymoon in June for the first time and this is my first time leaving the country. We are taking a flight out of O'Hare and connecting in Miami. Do we go through customs in Chicago or Miami? I think the connection will be really tight if we have to do so in Miami. Thanks for the help.


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    You go thru customs in Miami Your flight from Miami to Chcago is a direct domestic flight.
    If you were flying from Jamaica directly to Chicago you would then go thru customs in Chicago

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    You always clear Customs in the Country you are visiting. Meaning, you will do so in Jamaica.

    If you have the same return itinerary you will clear US Customs in Miami....which can take a while....hopefully your connection on the way back is longer

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    Yes, you will do customs in the first destination of the new country.


    ORD -> MBJ = Nothing in Miami but possibly switching planes. Immigration and customs in Montego Bay.

    MBJ -> ORD = Immigration and customs in Miami. Nothing in ORD but going home.

    You want to allow yourself plenty of time on that return trip in Miami. IMHO, 2 hours is a minimum. You also never know if there will be a delay getting out of Montego. Miami is huge and there are always lines. Lot of walking, lot of miserable people. In Miami you will have to go through Immigration. Then wait for your bags. Collect them and go through customs. Then recheck your bags. Then go through security again and go to your gate.

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    You will however need to have your passport etc when boarding the first plane... You actually dont "need it" then but airlines will just check to make sure you have all the right docs for your final destination.....

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    Coming home at Miami make sure you hurry all the way, particularly if you have only 2 hrs or less. We timed it the first time and it took 1 hr 20 and we really hurried. We wanted to know how long it would take as the 2nd time we did it we had a very short layover. We are seasoned travelers so you will need to make good time if you are not sure of the process. don't be afraid to ask any airport employee for help and guidance if you need it.

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    Thanks everyone for the responses. We have a direct flight back home, so we shouldn't have any problems with timing as far as customs.

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