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    Default map of all inclusive resorts

    I was looking through the message board last night and someone had posted a map of all inclusive resorts in Jamaica. Unfortunately,. I didn't bookmark the page and now I can't find it. There were dots showing all inclusive, and optional all inclusive. If anyone knows of where I can find it, we would be very grateful.
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    not sure if this is what you want but this will show you negril and all the points of interest hope it helps

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    The map that steverandlinda posted is a great effort. I'm not sure how current it is, but it can also be found, I believe, at and Tripadvisor.

    This project, which I believe is ongoing, has been undertaken by a number of Negril's local merchants. One person in particular, the wife and business partner of one of the local tour operators, put in a LOT of footwork (literally) in developing an accurate piece of work that can be easily maintained. Kudos to them!

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