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Thread: Minibar @ CN?

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    Default Minibar @ CN?

    Can you get wine in your minibar at CN? If so what is the wine like? We love Pinot Grigio is that available anywhere?

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    Wine is generally from chile and I think cab sav/ merlot or chardonnay

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    Cheers Dandj!

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    I love Pinot Grigio too and wine in general but didn't see or drink a lot I liked except at the Italian (Heliconia) at night and at the Repeater's dinner.

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    Believe it or not, the Chilean wine s very good...anyone having an extenxive wine section in your local grocery will find many good ones there ie..Concha Y Toro...Gato Negro....some of the same varieties found at Couples

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    Wine is not on the list for your minibar, but we wrote it in and got a bottle i of chardonnay - the same bottle of Chilean chardonnay that was served at most restauraunts (except otaheite which had a different chardonnay).

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