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    Default CSS Photographer...Help Needed Please!

    We are thinking about going to Sans Souci to get merried in November and have been trying to find a photographer, but the ones I have found which I like...Mischa Earle, Stacey Clarke & Diana Campbell, seem to mainly do weddings at the other resorts. Can anyone tell me if they do weddings at CSS? And if they do, can anyone give me a rough idea of price and tell me how many photo's they take?
    Any help would be really appreciated

    Jen x

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    I know Stacey goes to CSS as she did our wedding and we loved her! I'm pretty sure I have heard that the other 2 ladies will travel there too. Stacey does have a travel fee as she has to come from Negril. The price depends on how long you want her, if you email her from her website she gives you a full list of costs and packages.

    Here are a couple of our pics (any excuse!)

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    Mabr Kamo...Stacey does such wonderful pictures! She did our wedding at CN and we could not have had a more fabulous day. She has such a great personality as well. Good luck on your search Jen.

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    Default CSS Feb 2010

    We are getting married at CSS on Feb 23rd and have booked Diana Campbell so I would say she does weddings in that area. We contacted her through her website and she has been awesome to deal with. Good Luck!

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for your help everyone
    mabr kamo, I saw your review it was really useful and I looked at your album on Stacey's website...your photo's are amazing!

    How many hours did you have Stacey for? Did you have to pay more for her to come back later for your sunset pics?



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    Hi Jen, glad you like the pics, we were so happy with them!
    We boooked the 5 hour package with Stacey and split the time for 3hrs in the morning and 2 at sunset. We ended up with 2 cd's with about 700 pictures on, and have had a really hard time choosing which ones to print as they are pretty much all gorgeous! The online slideshow Stacey made for us was lovely too.
    You could probably get a very decent amount of photos in a shorter time, I was just greedy and wanted as many as possible!

    If you have any other questions I'm more than happy to help, and can email if easier. Enjoy the wedding planning!


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    Hiya Kate,

    It would be great to have your advise on a couple of other things actually...if you're sure you don't mind?

    Email would probably be easier or are you on Facebook? I could contact you on there..


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    Hi Jen, my email is on our profile, and I'm more than happy to help. Was going to private message you through profile, but not sure how!

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    Check out Brian Design. He is doing our wedding next week at CTI. He has been absolutely wonderful to work with so far.

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