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    Default Help! CSA - BFVS, which floor??

    So future husband and I booked the BFVS for our upcoming honeymoon and I know you can only request a room and they cannot guarantee it but we requested the first floor but I am kind of thinking maybe a higher floor would be better?

    For those of you who have stayed in both or one of them, which one did you really like, right on the beach or a few floors up?

    Soon to be Mrs. Merritt ~*~ June 26th, 2010
    CSA for our Honeymoon! So excited!

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    There are pro's and con's to both. We have stayed on the first floor and also on higher floors, and while I prefer the higher floors, since I feel we have more privacy, the first floor is nice since you can walk right out onto the beach. Honestly, I would just not stress about it and take what they give you. Really, you'll love it no matter what.

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    Visit Type in each hotel and view people's videos. That is how I decided on CSA.

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    personally I like the 3rd floor corner frist floor to me is not enough privacy with people walking by and such

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    It's nice to be on the first floor - when you order breakfast, your server will leave it on the Verandah and let you know it's can just walk out and enjoy it whenever you want

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