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    Default Best Food & Best Cocktails to Try at CSA


    We are travelling to Jamaica for the first time in April - and cannot wait!!

    We are late 20's and myself and my husband are food and drink lovers haha. What would you say is a "Must Have" for food and drinks - I cannot wait to try the rum based cocktails and also the sparkling wine ones - I love things like Pina Colada and Belini or Kir Royale etc - I think I have read something similar in Jamacia is made with sparkling and mango???

    Husband loves meat - meat meat and more meat - and spicy food! Whereas I am more for the carbohydrates and fish and chicken haha.

    We are so looking forward to our trip - and am starting to research dress code etc as read somewhere that ladies have to wear closed tow shoes to go t one of the restaurants - and I have never been to a place like that - nice dress and sandals etc yes - but will need to ensure pack enough to get us through our stay so can eat at all the right places haha.



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    Quote Originally Posted by clairebear View Post
    . . . .am starting to research dress code etc as read somewhere that ladies have to wear closed to[e] shoes to go t one of the restaurants . . .
    Not quite. There is a "closed shoe" requirement for men, but sandals are fine for women, as long as you wear sandals more appropriate for a restaurant and not flip-flops like you would wear to the beach.

    From the FAQs:

    What is the dress code?

    During the day normal summer and swimwear attire is appropriate.

    Beach Grill:
    Swimwear is permitted.

    Breakfast and Lunch:
    Swimwear must be dry and covered. No bare feet. Shorts / t-shirts / flip-flops are most common.

    Gourmet restaurants and repeat guest dinners: Semi-Formal – summer or cocktail dress and sandals, or skirt and nice top for women. Dress pants, khakis, shirts with sleeves and collar and dress shoes for men. Jacket not required. (Elegant dress sandals are allowed). Jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops are not permitted.

    Other restaurants:
    Resort Casual - shorts with a nice shirt/blouse and sandals are allowed.

    From the Couples brochure:

    Be sure to pack lots of light and comfortable clothing—and remember to include a few nice items to wear at night! We like to think we’re pretty casual, but there are a few minor dress requirements. When dining in any of our restaurants—besides the laid-back Beach Grill—during the evening hours, we request that you keep your sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops in your room. And while casual elegance is the preferred style at most of our restaurants, we request a slightly more upscale look at [the gourmet restaurant]. Men are asked to wear slacks, collared shirts, and closed shoes, while dresses, skirts, or dress pants are requested for ladies.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    YOUR HUSBAND WILL LOVE THE FOOD! Lemongrass=spicy thai food, Feathers=steak, LOL.
    You have to try the three the hard way for a drink, or a fraiser razor at Patois, the sweet potato chips and homemade hummus at seagrapEs is OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!!!!

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    You must have a Chocolate Martini.....not to be missed. You cannot go without Lemongrass and the Creme die for! Then you have to have daily snacks at Seagrapes...sweet potatoe chips and spicy pumpkin dip!!!!

    Oh my gosh, why did you it June yet????


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    Cheers Pamela! I must have mis-read another post. That puts my mind at rest - just normal dress wear for dinner!

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    ohhhh they sound nice!!!!!!!! Made ma hungry lol. Can't wait. 10 weeks to go ish for us and think will need to fast for weeks before go to cope with the extra calories when there haha!

    Thanks for tips everyone!


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    Must try the sweet potato chips at sea grapes and a vodka slushy....yummy!

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    For the carb-lover in you...the Pad Thai at Lemongrass was terrific. So good that we went back a second night just to get it again.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    As for rum drinks, they have a menu with ingredients that makes it easy to select from. My favorites: reggae sumfest, higher level, cool running, and of course the red stripe on tap at the pool bar.

    My favorite food there was the cabana grill for lunch. Burgers were awesome, jerk chicken sandwich was great, and the best patties ever! For dinner I loved lemongrass. Try everything and dint be afraid to order a lot!

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    The dessert sampler at Feather, to die for....

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    Chocolate martini at the martini bar. Mmmmm...

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    My favorite drink was the Dirty Banana and the pulled pork pizza at Patios was to die for!

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    Hi Claire,
    Try the Dirty Banana and the Hummingbird (banana & strawberry)...MMMMM. Hang out by the Seagrape Cafe for lunch like we did. We felt that the food there was much more interesting and tasty than at the Cabana Grill. Also for the Carb lover you must do breakfast at Patois and order a breakfast pizza along with the banana stuffed french toast. Wow this thread is making me hungry!
    Enjoy your time in Paradise.

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    mrs. dirtleg likes a pina' colada with some mango blended in it. She orders her first on the beach after lunch and then puts out the green flag for the rest of the afternoon.

    The bar tenders are very accommodating of requests and new ideas, or new twists on old ideas.

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