We are travelling to Jamaica for the first time in April - and cannot wait!!

We are late 20's and myself and my husband are food and drink lovers haha. What would you say is a "Must Have" for food and drinks - I cannot wait to try the rum based cocktails and also the sparkling wine ones - I love things like Pina Colada and Belini or Kir Royale etc - I think I have read something similar in Jamacia is made with sparkling and mango???

Husband loves meat - meat meat and more meat - and spicy food! Whereas I am more for the carbohydrates and fish and chicken haha.

We are so looking forward to our trip - and am starting to research dress code etc as read somewhere that ladies have to wear closed tow shoes to go t one of the restaurants - and I have never been to a place like that - nice dress and sandals etc yes - but will need to ensure pack enough to get us through our stay so can eat at all the right places haha.