We returned from CSA 17th June 09 after a 14 day holiday. We were so impressed that we decided that this was the place for us from now on. Although more expensive than our past holidays we found that it was worth every penny. Then I seen the $500 credit offered and started to look for June 2010. I was shocked that the same holiday traveling from the UK next year had risen by £980 thats $1602. Also to add to the misery, the credits for spa & shop were for American travelers only. I was put in touch with Couples UK, the lady explained that the flights had gone up but Couples rates had stayed the same. She then went on to explain about the rates in US to UK and why credits were aimed at American market. She put me in touch with a company who deal with UK package deals to CSA. In fairness they did get me a better deal but still allot more than this year. I was also offered a credit of $250 if I booked the holiday. Its always hard when you go on holidays and you come across people who have managed better deals than you. But that's life. However, when you go on holidays already knowing your holiday has risen in cost dramatically in a year and there will also be people there that received $500 resort credit. Sadly I don't think we will be able to return now which is such a let down as we had the times of our lives and were so looking forward to our return visits.