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    Default Registered but Can't Do Anything? Click Here!

    I registered yesterday and received the "Action Required" email, so I clicked on the link to activate my account. This worked and I received the "Welcome" email telling me I had successfuly registered. I signed in today and was unable to do anything except read the posts. Everything I clicked on asked for my user name and password. They were accepted, but still nothing worked and the login boxes remained at the top of the screen.

    Then I read a post from Jeff, I believe, and tried the link he suggested and suddenly everything worked! I am using Internet Explorer version 8, and I had been clicking on the "Message Board" link on the Couples home page. That links you you page, which seams to be the problem when using Internet Explorer.

    If you use the following link from Jeff, everything should work fine.


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    Thanks for that! It also gets rid of the clutter on both sides of the page....much better!

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