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    Default Repeater Dinners

    What night of the week does CTI and CSA have their repeater dinners. Also, what nights do they have their lobster dinners?

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    CTI has the repeater dinner on Monday. If I remember correctly lobster is on Friday.

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    CTI - Repeater's dinner Monday and Lobster on Friday. CSA- repeaters dinner Monday and Lobster on Saturday.

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    CTI repeater is Monday and lobster is Friday.

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    At SweptAway, the Repeaters Dinner is Monday. Lobster night is Saturday, when in season.

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    It looks like us good Couples Catholics will have to suffer with lobster on Fridays during lent.

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    Not sure if it applies to you, but lobster is out of season from April through June. No lobster night during those months.

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    okay sorry if this is a stupid ? but what is a repeater dinner?

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    It is not a stupid question. A repeater dinner is a special dinner that couples that have been to any couples resort are invited to. You also have to be registered for Romance Rewards to get an invite
    It is on different nights at all four resorts. The dress code is the same as it is for any of the fancy restaurants.
    Management from most levels will be in attendance.
    Everyone attending is recognozed as to how many times they have been to Couples resorts and prized are awarded for answering Couples trivia questions example we won a $100. SPA gift certificate @ CSS for knowing how many beachfront jacuzzi suites and how many Penthouse suites are @CSS
    It is a very elaborate menu and a reall fun evening

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