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    Default 3 night Trip - Activites?

    Hi, My wife and I are coming this week to CSS for just 3 nights (Thru - Sun) for our 1st trip to Jamaica (her birthday and our anniversary.) Should we plan any off resort activities?

    The only things (off resort) we are really interested in are horseback riding or the falls. What do you suggest?
    Should we book the activity before we arrive or at the resort?

    Finally what is Must Do at CSS during our short stay?

    We are SOOOO excited. Thanks for any advise.

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    Do the falls. Relax and enjoy and don't try to do too much.

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    DO NOT LEAVE THE RESORT> I REPEAT- DO NOT LEAVE THE RESORT. Three days is not very long. You will love love being at Couples so much. You will not want to leave. I guarantee you will be back and will book a longer stay and THEN you can leave the resort.

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    Default Any Advise here

    Hey ya'll got any advise for us?
    Thanks for any good tips you may have (by tips I mean not the kind that you cannot give to the staff.)

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