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    Default Portable fan availability?

    Does anyone know if couples Negril has a portable fan I could use? I have to have the noise to sleep, and mine takes up a lot of luggage space.

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    No portable fans of which I'm aware. There is a ceiling fan in each room, but if you just need the noise, why not purchase a travel sound machine. That's what we use.
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    I totally understand! There are a lot of us out there, we've discussed this before, actually. I took my fan but we had a storm and a small brown out and it killed it. We asked the front dest (we stayed at CSA) and they had one for us. If they couldn't find one for us, front desk had already phoned stores and had found one and had arranged a taxi to get us there.

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    We found ourselves so tired and spent at the end of each day that we fell to sleep almost instantly when we got to bed.

    Well.... not right away. After some "activities" we drifted off quite nicely.

    You could open the verandah doors or window a crack and enjoy the sound of the tree frogs. Many folks swear by them as a "white noise" diversion to get to sleep. There are some pretty small fans available that may fit into your suitcase. But I would just stick to the radio in the room or some other distraction. Maybe a glass of wine before turning in?

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    I'm the same, I bought a small one to pack for the trip and used it. I have also just put the air conditioner on fan and used that.

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    Have a Bob Marley before bedtime and sleep like a baby.

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    Go to Bed, Bath and Beyond, and purchase a small sound machine. I won't travel without mine.

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    I'm so glad someone actually posted this thread!! My fiancé thinks I'm completely insane for trying to figure out how in the world to get our travel box fan on the plane. It will happen one way or another! The sound machine & tree frogs just don't compare & the AC fan is never loud enough.

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    I'm glad I saw this thread. I'm adding a fan to my packing list right now! I remember when we went to St. Lucia how much I wished I had packed it.

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    I think if you run the fan on the A/C unit that will do the trick.
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    Default Not so crazy

    I pack a small fan for every road trip. I find the noise soothing and the small breeze refreshing. But I don't think you'll need a portable fan at CSA.

    As a connoisseur of fan noise, I've never had a problem with our two stays at CSA. The room A/C combined with the overhead fan and the tree frogs totally masks my tinnitus.

    There's enough "white" noise from the room A/C, overhead fan and the tree frogs to cover up my snoring, for which the wife is appreciable.

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    Open the windows and listen to the tree frogs, that will provide you all the white noise you need.

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    You can borrow my wife, she's a living sound machine when she's sleeping.

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    Default are hilarious!

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    LMAO Ron

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