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    Default CN or CTI for first timers?

    Only want to sit on beach and by the pool......have some drinks and relax.
    Also, please advise best choice of room for the money.

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    Basic Gardenview room at CN. Best beach and best pool in Jamaica!

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    We faced that same difficult choice. CTI or CN, CN or CTI.......

    So we said screw it and chose both.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    well if you want a beach i would suggest CSA or CN if you want to get nekkid on a great beach then CN enjoy

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    CTI deluxe ocean room without a doubt. The beach is not as large as CN but you also have the original pool, the new pool with swin up bar, the plunge pool on the island and the buddah pool at the spa. Plus there are no vendors and no boats and jet skis to bother you while you are swimming. Plus the staff and service are much better.

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    I agree with Bruce, CN, basic gardenview room. We think that it is the best beach and the best pool.

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    It really does depend on what your interests are. I've only been to CTI, but I'll go back there as much as I possibly can. I don't really have much interest in going to the other resorts.

    Beach vendors would definitely bother me.. so CTI wins in that regard. Also, I've heard you need bug spray in Negril? I didn't at Tower Isle. Plus, if you want more privacy or smaller group without too many gawkers, the island at CTI offers a great Au Natural experience! People can't walk by... but they can pedal or paddle by on trikes and kayaks.. but really if you are laying down, there isn't anything for them to see. There are two aspects to the island.. party socialites at the bar/pool, and private relax with a book on the right side.

    As for beach, at CTI, it's small and private. I didn't feel much breeze there although I only went there once... we went to the island our first day and never returned to the normal beach. The breeze was constant on the island and the beauty of the sea was unblemished!

    We did deluxe ocean view room at cti.. 3rd floor had a beautiful view of the water and island.

    As for pools, both the pools at cti were good places to hang out!

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    If you want a private, no locals, no vendors, no jet skies, just couple time vacation, then CTI is it.
    Irie Mon

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