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    Default TI or SA?? Help, please??

    I had posted a couple of days ago about which resort to choose but got only one answer which now made a decision even worse lol.
    My fiance and I have narrowed it down to either TI or SA and absolutely cannot choose.
    I would love to go to Dunn's River Falls which is included in the TI...but is it worth it?
    We both want to go to Rick's bar.
    He's leaning more toward SA and I'm leaning more to TI. Let me say, we are not fitness buffs and SA seems more oriented toward that.
    We just really need some help! We are really just split. This will be our honeymoon and will be traveling the last week of May.
    Also, if we stay at SA, we will have to get a Garden Suite and if we do TI, we will stay in Superior Ocean...
    If anyone has stayed at both, can you please give me your opinion?
    And one more thing...I've heard that the water is not as clear/turquoise and sand as white at TI as it is at SA, is this true? Can't really tell from the pics or brochures...
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