My future hubby, Paul, and I are planning on taking our honeymoon at CSA but are trying to figure out what room to get and need some advice. We are going Aug. 2-9 and our travel agent said the Great House suites are not available anymore but we have our eyes set on either the Beachfront Suite or the Beachfront Verandah Suite.

I love the feel of the BFS with the slotted window screens and the big patio but am worried about privacy/noise. Is that an issue in these rooms? Do they only come on the first floor? Or are they on other floors as well? Are they located with good views of the ocean and beach because it looks in the picture like it might be set back into the trees.

How many BFVS are ON the beach like in the picture? Any floor better than others? Can you hear people on the beach at all?

Any input would be greatly appreciated! We just want to make sure we have the best first experience in Jamaica possible! (We've never even been to the Caribbean before!)