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    Default Hair Straighteners!

    I have a most important question – will my hair straighteners heat up to their maximum temperature with the voltage in Jamaica please?

    Apparently, according to my daughter, in certain Caribbean destinations her straighteners have failed to heat up sufficiently to straighten her hair !!!

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    I have always used mine and it has always heated up the maximum. I don't think you'll have any problems. However, keep in mind that it probably won't stay straightend for very long due to the heat

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    It depends where you are from. If you are from North America, you should not have a problem. If you are from Europe then, no, your straightners will not heat up properly. However, as Enjoythebeach says, your hair will not stay straight due to the heat and humidity - I usually give up after a couple of days ahd just let it curl!

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    Some of the UK guests have said theirs didn't heat up as much...not sure if that's where you are from ?
    It's the humidity that will be the problem.

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    I have very curly hair that I usually flat iron. But since that does not seem to be an option with the heat and humidity, WHAT AM GOING TO DO WITH IT!!!! Does any body have any tips or any special products that work well.


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    I agree with Enjoythebeach, they will probably heat up properly, just with the humidity in Jamaica it won't last long. I have the opposite problem, very straight hair and when I am in Jamaica I just don't try to curl it.

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    my hair straightener definitely did NOT heat up to it's max temperature. (I have a CHI professional.) That being said, in 5 trips, I only brought the straightener the first trip, and only tried to straighten my hair once. It's WAY too humid there, and the best I got was a sad looking wave. I've found i'm better off putting in a bunch of product and letting it air dry, or french braiding it. (I have long, thick, course, curly hair...)

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    Never had a problem with my iron...only the humidity when I step outside the door.

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    I don't think it is the straightener that is the problem, rather the humidity. It is very humid.

    Frankly I'd leave it at home. Let your hair be as it may.

    I braid my every trip and it is so comfortable and so convenient.

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    The humidity may not allow for your hair to stay straight for very long... be sure to use an anti-humectant... Aveda has a good one...

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    My curls LOVED Jamaica. I say embrace your curls while you're there. Buy some Curl Keeper and that's all you'll need.
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    when you get there why not get it braided. there is a Jamaican lady that will do it for you reasonably priced. as you walk to the beach and hang a left, first little shop you come to.

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    I get mine done by Janet or Carol, they are on-site and sit just behind the sports hut. Their work is reasonable, clean, neat, will not fall out or look knotted (like a birds nest) and if something goes wrong (like when mine got caught on the back of chair and ripped out the beads) they will put them right back in for you.

    I am prone to headaches and these girls do such a great job, 11 trips and I had never gotten a headache! That's a testament.

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    I have really thick curly hair and I use Catwalk products. Get the Catwalk Curl Booster and the Catwalk Amplifier it works great!!! They come in a bright turquoise blue bottle. I am not sure if you have one but I use a diffuser when I dry my hair and that works wonders! Hope this helps you!

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    My hair is unbelievably curly and like a lot of people have said, if you have very curly hair, your hair straightener could heat up to the temp of the surface of the sun, and 10 minutes later it'd be just curly again. Seriously, you might want to forget it. I found a baseball hat works wonder in the daytime. And your sig other wont give a damn.

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    I had a Chi Hair straightner and it was HOT plugged in like it was suppossed to be but your hair will be straight anyhow from the weather so I only really used it two times.

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    Living Proof is a new product line, to fight frizz, for curls or straight hair. You can get it online at their website or at's not overpriced and they have a new shampoo and conditioner too. I was in on the Product testing last year and can tell you that IT WORKS, even in Jamaica and Florida...

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    I agree with cypresspeeps. Just go curly. It's way too much work to worry about keeping your hair straight when you're on vacation. What about swimming? What if it rains? And as many already said, the humidity will ruin your hair anyway.

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    Default Keratin Coppola

    I have very curly hair and have worn my hair curly for years. I agree, go curly and enjoy. However, I will tell you another option. I get the keratin coppola treatment. It is an excellent conditioning treatment for your hair unlike the braziliain relaxers that have tons of formaldehyde, this is actually good for your hair. I get it every 3 - 4 months. My hair as curly as it is does not frizz in the humidity anymore. I love it. Also takes 1/2 the time to blw dry my hair. Its expensive but its worth it. Just need to go to someone experieniced in this. Just another option. If I let it dry, it just now has a soft wave with no frizz. Actually I am due to get it done again, so may frizz a little right at the moment. I plan to get mine done right before I go to couples. I love it. I have gotten so many compliments over my hair. Wish I would have done it a long time ago. Just another option

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