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    Default GO COLTS Superbowl here we come!!

    Going to the AFC Championship game tomorrow. After the Colts victory I have to make a decision about going to the Superbowl....coming to CN April 2nd....the cost for tickets is the same for 12 days in Jamaica......tough choice.....both are winners......see ya all in less then 70 days!

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    come now, not a single Colts fan on this board?

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    i think they are all at
    i not 100% but i didnt see any "couples JA" posts on there so the laws of the universe must be in synch

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    Good luck to the Colts. They just beat my Jets. I will be pulling for the Colts in the Superbowl. It should be a great game and I think the Colts will prevail. Not many QB's better then P Manning. He picked the NFL's #1 defense apart and broke my heart while doing it
    The Jets gave us a great run! Now we can look forward to next year. They will be in a new stadium and hopefully we can meet the Colts in the AFC championship game once again?
    While it is hard for me to say, I will say it "Go Colts win the Superbowl!"

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    Colts fan here! I proudly wore my Peyton Manning jersey at CTI last week. Looking forward to another Colts Super Bowl win in two weeks.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    I'm rooting for the Colts! Superbowl should be a good one this year...especially now that Fav-ruh won't be involved

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    Maybe not, but you have Saints fan over here.

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    Default Go Colts!

    I always am a Colts fan, but after the Vike/Saint game, it is even easier to cheer on Manning & Co. I really hope the Colt offensive line is up to the job of not letting Payton get mugged after the play is over! Looks like you need a left guard, right guard and a body guard to keep the thugs from N/O off of your QB AFTER the whistle. Good luck to Indy.

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