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    My husband Nick and I will be there Oct 30 - Nov 6. We are first timers (it is our honeymoon about 4 1/2 years overdue!

    Nick and Kristin

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    30 days from today at this moment we will be at Newark airport in the president's club sipping bloody mary's waiting to board our flight to the shores of Jamaica! After a 3 1/2 hour flight we will arrive, go patiently through customs, run to the Couples lounge, grab a Red Stripe, take a deep breath--------relax and prepare to be pampered! Can't wait to grab a floatie, rum punch and my honey and float in the Caribbean.

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    Beachsam, what time does your flight from EWR get into MoBay. We stopped flying out of EWR because none of the flights were as early as the ones out of JFK.We leave JFK at 6) AM and get into MoBay at 8: 45. Might be time to think about Newark again.........

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    The flight arives at 11:55am. I would love to arrive earlier, but JFK is just to much of a pain for us. Car service is way to expensive, we would have to leave our house at 2am or earlier to get that flight if we drove. So Newark it is for us. 28 days and counting!

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    Where are you in NJ?. The drive to JFK is a pain, but we start our vacation the night before. We do a park & fly to the Holiday Inn at JFK, have dinrer there, try to get to bed reasonaably early and then take their shuttle to the airport. It is a little pricey (about $200.00) but a limo would be more (each way) and we don't have to leave home in the middle of the night.

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    Default FYI beachsam

    I really dont' know for sure, as my wife makes all of our travel arrangements ( thank God) but we drive from northwest NJ to Queens the night before and park our car and then stay overnight in a "modest" near airport hotel. The parking for our car is actually less expensive than parking at EWR for the time that we are away, and it gives us an extra day of vacation.. ( even if it is in Queens LOL ) ...We get up in the middle of the night ( about 4:30 ) and the airport shuttle drops us at our terminal... You just cant beat that late morning early afternoon arrival at the resort. We could be on the beach by noon on the first day. All totalled it probably adds less than a hundred dollars to the total cost of the trip.

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    We are coming from the PT Pleasant/Brick area. I have done the fly/drive at both EWR and PHL. There are 4 of us travelling so that would mean 2 rooms and cars for Jfk, as both my husband and I drive Mustangs and so does the couple we are travelling with.
    We also fly Continental alot so we have miles and that will lead to nice first class upgrades. The other thing that stops us is our pets, 3 cats and a labrador, we would have to pay the pet sitter an extra night. So all things combined leaves EWR as our best option at this point. As long as we get there I'm happy!
    See ya soon.

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    I found this great parking deal for Newark the last time I flew out of there (Sept 3rd). It is by the Howard Johnson's on Frontage Road.
    As soon as I parked my car there, the shuttle was ready to take me to the TERMINAL (not P4) On return, I called as soon as I got off the plan()no checked luggage) and the shuttle was at the front door to pick me up within two minutes. If you want any more info, email me at
    See you on the Island.
    PS how about posting a pic so we'll know who you are.

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    We can't wait! Less than a month until we leave for our trip (Nov1-8). Getting married and having our honeymoon all together. Seems like there are a lot of newbies...including us. Can't wait to get some sun and meet some great friends!

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    My husband and I will be there Nov 3-8. It will be our 5 yr anniversary and the honeymoon we never had I think it was fate when I stumbled upon Couples looks perfect and we are very excited to get there and start our trip!!! ~Misty and Kyle

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    We can't wait either, under a month is right! It does seem like there are a lot of 1st timers. Can't wait to meet some people and chill in the Caribbean...
    Mistyshep4 - Stefan & Susan are celebrating our 5 yr anniversary too! Cool. Nov 2-7. Indeed it DOES look perfect. Yeah Mon.

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    2cool's, We have been using Vista parking for years, one year we came home from Florida to 12 inches of snow and our car was cleaned and warmed up. They really give great service there. See if I can find a picture that I like.

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    Didn't know if you had come across the online discount. I just found it this last trip. We too have been using Vista for quite a while and are also very happy with their service.

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    Mrs2cool, Thanks for the info, I am able to get some discounts through my job. 24 more days for us! Still looking for the picture.

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    Its getting closer and closer to Nov 1......YYYYIIIIIPPPPPPPEEEEEE, waiting to touch sand, dip toes, and hear those jamaican sounds mon. Oh, need I mention the drinks in hand
    Looking forward to celebrating with the other vacationers Nov 1 to Nov 8.

    See you at the airport, Sharkgirl.

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    I can tell that we are getting closer and closer to our distant destination. It's hard to put your finger on it, but my body is beginning to respond to vibes that are not from my part of town. No, these magical minutes mark the beginning of a full scale assault on every fiber of my being. But this barrage I welcome. It will envelope me in sheer delights and deliver me to my nirvana.
    Tomorrow, the number will be 32. I will pass the time, on Friday, with a little of this and some of that. And again, the day will draw to a close, the new number will be 31. I will continue like this until, until it will be time for me to go.


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    Default Time is Getting Closer

    I know that our trip to CTI is imminent when Richie's (most likely already packed) bags start to talk to him.

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    Not long now. Only 28 days till we are indulging in the good life. Looks like CTI will be busy.

    Gary and Avril

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    Default add us to the list!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by doncindy View Post
    Just think, in a short couple of months you and your SO will find your favorite spot at CTI grab your favorite beverages and a lounge chair sit down and feel that beautiful tropical breeze and wonder if it can get any better than this.

    Mark and Belinda for 1 day between 2-11.
    Sam & Andy- Oct.30- 6th
    John & Annette- Oct 30- 6th.
    Michelle & Rich 1-8
    Carol & Donald 1-8
    clap 2-7
    Molly & Jeff 3-7
    Sharon & Andy 3-13
    Mike & Beth 4-15
    Peggy & Tom 4-11
    lis&jp 5-15
    jean & paul 6-12
    Jen & Mike 6-13
    Tony and Benita 6-13
    Alan & Suzanne 6-13
    Ron & Judy 6-15
    New couple 6-13
    Avril & Gary 6-20
    Troy & Kelly 7-12
    Mike and Jen 7-13
    Joe & Cyndi 7-14
    Jim & Linda 7-14
    Adam & Stephanie 7-14
    Mitchell2002 8-11
    Linda & Raymond 8-12
    Gary & Annette 8-14
    Don & Cindy 8-15
    Richie & Sylvia 10-23
    Kalyn & Jason 11-18
    M&M 13-19
    kmfabrizio 14-20
    David & Cammy 14-21
    Mert & Cindy 14-21
    Ricky & Steph 14-21
    Tania & Darren 18-25
    Dawn and Doug 20-27
    Cathy&Doug 20-30
    Diane & Roy 23- Dec 7
    Regis & Lashae 25-30
    Joe & Kelly 26-3
    Scott & Stacy 26-4
    JR & Christie 26-4
    Brian & Julie 26-4
    GeoNSue 27-4
    Andy & Kitty 27-5
    KrisNBob 28-5
    Karen & Larry 20-30

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    Default 42 more days

    Time is getting closer!!!!! Our second visit to Jamaica and cant wait for CTI Nov. 20th - Nov. 30th. Who's up for Thanksgiving cocktails with us? See ya there....Karen & Larry

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    Anyone going to be there for Halloween and bring costumes?

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    In precisely 3 weeks today, we will be airborne for CTI...and I cannot wait. The wedding is my celebration, but the honeymoon is what keeps me motivated and eagerly anticipating Nov 1.
    Looking forward to making new acquaintances, feeling the warmth of Jamaican sun, and having a great Couples experience!

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    Chris and I will be there November 29th till December 9!!! We cannot wait!!

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    Default the last 2 seats out of chicago for direct flight. Couldnt make up my mind,never been to a couples resort before My husband and I will be there Nov 7-14!! Hope its as beautiful as the pics!!

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    November 22-28, 2010 YIPEE. Joi & Terruss - First Timers

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