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    Default Couples Shuttle for Montego Bay

    If you book you airfair separate can you still utilize the Shuttle to CSA? What time does it depart to CSA everyday? Just wondering because it seems more economical to book airfare separate.


    Heading to CSA July 15-20!

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    Makes no difference how you book your airfare. Make sure the desk is aware of your flight arrangements. That can be done via email.

    Couples Resort will get you from the airport to your selected Couples Resort FREE. The waiting time at MBJ is usually very short.

    But make sure they are aware of your flight plans or they might not get you back in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tobyntamara View Post
    . . . . What time does [the shuttle] depart to CSA everyday? . . . .
    There isn't one shuttle that departs at a particular time every day. If guests are scheduled to arrive at a certain time, Couples will be prepared to have them transported to their resort.

    Book your resort reservation and flight reservation however you'd like, then provide Couples with your flight information so they'll know when to expect your arrival. After you pass through Jamaican Immigration and Customs, proceed to the Couples lounge, check in with the front desk, grab a Red Stripe, and relax. The staff will let you know when they're ready to send you on your way.
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    Just be sure the resort is aware of your incoming flight number. The shuttles leave regularly for the Negril and OchoRios areas. You will check in with the Couples Lounge after clearing immigration, customs, and collecting your bags, and they will tag your bag for the correct resort. Then just relax, have a RedStripe, and wait for them to let you know when the shuttle is leaving... thus begins paradise.

    At checkin, you will give your return flight number, so that they know when to tell you when paradise ends....

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    Thanks everyone! That is great to know! We want to book separate because the flights seem so much cheaper.

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