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    My husband and I are visiting CTI in April. I am looking forward to it so much. I have been to topless beaches before, but never a nude beach. I REALLY want to experience it. I want to take full advantage of the "no worries, no cares" attitude when I go.
    Now, with that said, I am a little bit nervous about my body. I have had two kids, and they were not kind to my body. I am, by no means, a shy person. But I have just a couple of reservations. Could someone send me pics to my email. I just need something to prove to me that I will not be the only NON-110 lb, hard body out there.

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    Just relax, and enjoy the island. You will not be the only non 110 lb body.
    Irie Mon

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    Hi 911cutie, the "110 lb hardbodies" you refer to... they're in the really really small minority in the AN beach areas. Go to the island. You will fit right in with the rest of us "NON-110 lb hardbodies" who are the vast majority of people in the AN zones of Couples resorts.

    The people you see at the AN areas are the same people you see in everyday life around your home. The 110 lb hardbodies are more rare on the island than they are in your neighborhood mall.


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    ...and if you haven't done so already, read this thread...


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    The feelings of exhilaration and freedom will soon overcome any fears you may have had. It is the most empowering setting you will ever experience. You will join a long list of individuals whose lives were changed forever in a most positive way. You'll see.

    Now, I don't remember seeing your name on the Meet Up Mega Thread-Meet up at CTI. There are a lot of us. Check it out.


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    I am so excited. I am not nearly as apprehensive as I was. My sexy hubby and I are REALLY looking forward to our trip. It is way too far off. Ugh, come on April!!!!!

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    You'll see every body type you can think of. I was just happy no one tried to push me back in the water and keep my blow hole open relax and enjoy the best experience ever!!

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