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    Default Atrium vs. Great house

    I really love the looks of the Atrium room with all the light, my question is if you generally run the air conditioner during the day so the room stays cool, won't you have to shut those blinds as they are just screens? We are trying to decide between the Atrium room vs the Great house veranda. We usually have a fridge/bar in our room, along with a tv so the Atrium would definately be a change.

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    when we were at the atrium we left the blinds open during the day to let a breeze in. there is great cross ventilation in those rooms. if we were hot we would close the blinds and turn o the air. it really only took a minute to cool down so we would leave the blinds open most of the time unless we needed to cool down. it was high 80s/low 90s when we were there. we were on the top so we had a nice amount of air going through the room most of the time. the doors do have glass so if you shut your blinds you still have great light and a a nice view.

    one thing we did was to bring a laptop with us and a few movies. i think we only ended up using it once. we also each brought a thermos to bring a cold drink back to the room with us. some people have said to bring a soft sided cooler as you can get ice. that is probably what we will do this year. there is also a pitcher with ice water in the room all the time. i added extra ice a few times to keep it really cold.

    the atrium room is so beautiful and feels so tropical. i would go with that one. it is our favorite room by far! i think you will really like it, especially if you saw the photos and liked them. it is even prettier in person!!

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    I have only stayed in the Atrium Rooms on the first floor and there are windows under the wood slates. There was only an area on the doors leading to the terrace that only had a screen, so it is fine to run the a/c during the day. We love the atrium rooms and would strongly suggest them. Like you, I had never stayed anyplace without a TV. When I booked the room, I did not realize there was no TV so I was a little surprised when I entered the room.. However we loved it , and will not get a room with a TV again while in Jamaica. The lack of TV gives you more time to connect with your loved one. You lay in bed at night talking and giggling like teenagers about the events of the day. Lets face it , if a TV is in the room you will use it. I say give it a try, these rooms are as romantic looking , and great as the pictures. The hammock is useable, and the terrace is very large. They are private and quiet. Oh, and about the mini bar, it is never a far walk to any bar at CSA! Many people bring a bagged cooler, fill it with ice and place a few beverages in the bag, I never found this necessary. The maid provides you with fresh ice water, that is all I needed. Remember, your in Jamaica, at CSA, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, why would you need a TV?

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    We stay in the Atriums and turn on the A/C when we leave for dinner. The room is very comfortable when we return, and we turn the A/C off (can't sleep with it on); at night we run the ceiling fan.

    No need to run the A/C during the day. In fact, they ask that you don't, unless you're staying in the room (why would you do that?).


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    Default atrium vs great house veranda

    It looks like the Beachfront suite is the same as the Atrium except it has a fridge and no hammock on the balcony. It has a chair instead. Have you seen that room at all? Is it the same with all the windows and such. Thanks

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    Either room has a TV or mini bar. It is all about the LOCATION! Beachfront Suites are along the beach path, ocean view and steps from the beach. Also, much larger terrace, and yes no hammock. Atrium Suites are more in the center of the property, most with garden view, a few with ocean view, but more farther back from the ocean, and yes the hammock. The beachfront room I looked in was larger then our atrium room, but I know that each is a little different. We never ran our a/c during the day either, and when we came back to our room in the afternoon for a nap, it only took a few minutes to cool the room. The area is very shaded, rooms, really never get real hot ( and it was the end of August and it was VERY HOT outside). Also , the difference is the price. For a weeks stay, you can usually stay in the atrium room 8 days, compared with the same cost of the Beachfront Suites for 7 days. For me, you can take your ocean view and leave me in Jamaica for the extra day !

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    The BFS is our first choice of rooms. We love the location and the rooms. We are staying in an Atrium this trip for one reason only: $$. (And we're staying an extra day.) I love NOT having a TV and the Atrium suites are so gorgeous and wonderful that I would definitely go for one of those before staying in the GH. If the cost is not a problem, though, and you want a minibar, definitely go for the BFS. They are maaaaahvelous.

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    i didn't realize the beachfront had a mini-bar. we wanted the atrium for our honeymoon because i loved the room and preferred the location of the atrium over the beachfront but the atrium sold out right before i made our reservation so we got the beachfront instead. i like having a fridge so that will be nice. i also prefer the hammock but room has all the charm i loved about the atrium. it will be interesting to see which i actually prefer after staying in both. i am hoping for a second floor room so i feel more secluded like we did in the atrium room. the ground floor beachfronts just seemed so out in the open when i would walk past them.

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