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    Default which one to choose?? (honeymoon)

    First let me say that we are on a huge budget and this is a stretch for our wallet but it's our honeymoon and we want to really really do this!
    The Tower Isle is the best deal really for us...and I love that horseback riding is included (I've never done it and always wanted to).
    I'm just not sure if this is the right resort considering it's our honeymoon. The pics of the other resorts look more "tropical" (Negril). And the restaurants seem better at the others...are they??

    Can someone tell me if I should splurge and do the other resort or is the Tower Isle just as good as the others?
    We are going the last week of May ;o)

    OH one of the last most important things: We really want to visit Rick's bar and a friend told me that it is included in the stay at Swept Away. If we stay at Tower Isle, will it be included as well?

    Sorry, I've never ever even been out of my state hardly, much less a resort and there are so many choices, I'm just confused!
    Thanks for any help!

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    i say csa! i love it! the garden suite is awesome and also one of the least expensive ones. i just love the bug shutters and windows. we usually get the atrium suite but the garden suite looks the same for the most part. i really like the tropical looks and feel of the room. it seems more "authentic" to me and not like a hotel room. the only "hotel" type structure at csa is the great house and even that seems more tropical than hotel. some of the other ones are very hotel-ish. i know you can go on a horseback riding tour at csa but i do not know the cost. is rick's bar the one by the cliffs where they filmed the pirates of the caribbean movies? it's your honeymoon, i say splurge a little! make sure you are comfortable with the price but do as much as you can!

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    We're on our honeymoon the last week of may too! We were this close to booking tower isle when our travel agent suggested that since it is rainy season we'd be better off in negril rather than ochos rios. How true that is I don't know but made sense so we booked Couples Negril for May 24-31. I understand being beyond budget but it's the honeymoon. Gotta splurge a little!

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    April, you'll need to weigh your priorities. Which is more important, $$$ or scenery? Horsback riding or Rick's?

    I posed the questions that way because for instance, horseback riding is only included free of charge at CTI, but you won't be able to shuttle over to Rick's because that's in Negril. Decisions, decisions.

    As for the layout or the "look" as it were, I believe most in here will say that CTI is the least tropical looking of the four resorts, but it also recently went thru a $30m renovation, so it will have a fresh clean feel to it. From the pics I've seen, it carries a Miami/South Beach air about it, vs the more traditional tropical style of the other three resorts.

    As for price, I confirmed what you said about it being the least expensive. CTI is the only resort with a room for under $300 per day. And if you've been keeping up with this board of late, the one constant you'll find in all of the recent reviews is that the level of service they provide is second to none. Another plus is that CTI does offer the most inclusive activities of the four resorts, which happened to be a strong selling point for us.

    Like I said....decisions, decisions. Rank what's most important to you, then take it from there. I would say good luck, but it doesn't matter which Couples resort you end up choosing, you'll have picked the right one.

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    If you're on a huge budget, I don't see the point in spending extra $ for another resort when you'll be perfectly happy at CTI. The food is phenomenal at every restaurant. There are so many offsite activities that are included as well. Horseback riding, sunset catamaran cruise, snorkeling, Dunn's River Falls, the list goes on. Romance is abundant and you will not be disappointed at CTI. Enjoy!

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    Read all you can about each resort. One will call you, and I think one is already calling, and go with that one.

    Each resort is great in their own special way, offer different activities and all have different layouts. Go with what is in your heart, it is your vacation. You will not go wrong going to Couples.

    Enjoy your trip.
    Irie Mon

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    Rick's Cafe is not included with your stay at either of the Negril destinations. Its available, its offered, located on West End near Negril, but there is a cost to get there and back, as well as for the cost of drinks, food and souviniers while you're there.

    I suspect you can arrange a ride to Rick's from OchoRios, but it would be a long and costly road trip.

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    Have not been to TI yet we were going to go there when it closed for remodel ended up at CSS went back to CSS the following year and got married there, and are returning again in April. But are planning a trip to TI in Oct. but as a good friend from this board would say "try it you will love it".

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    My Wife and I went to Tower Isle for our Honeymoon and it was wonderful. That was years ago. I've travel to Jamaica three times. Remember that Tower Isle was recently renovated and that is a definite plus. The two things that seem to be most recommended for visitors are Rick's and Dunn's River Falls. This island does not have fast interstate highways. Travel by car/van/bus is hazardous and slow. Staying in Ocho Rios is close to Dunn's River Falls. Negril is on 7 mile beach and close to Rick's Cafe.If you must go to Rick'sI'd stay in Negril. From Ocho Rios, the trip to Rick's would take well over a hour each way. The reverse is also true, if you stay in Negril, the trip to Dunn's River Falls takes over a hour each way. Personally, I enjoyed Dunn's far more than Rick's. Be warned, the beaches in Ocho Rios are small. Shopping is the same throughout Jamaica. Negril and Rick's face west so the sunset is a little more romantic. No matter which Hotel you pick, you'll have a wonderful time. Do a sunset sail boat cruise, you'll love it. It will make up for missing Rick's sunset and divers.

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    We would pick CTI over Negril (just our preference). CTI X4 CSS X2 CN X1. More inclusions, better service and staff. why wouldn't you want more for less money?

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