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    Default Ulysses at CTI???????

    I read in another post that Jamaicahound is reporting from CTI that Ulysses is not there right now and may not return. Is there any more information on this? Has he moved to another resort? Just retired? Does anybody know anything for sure? One of the things we look forward to most is not only his omlettes every morning, but his smile and friendly greetings. He is truly a treasure to us and to CTI.

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    I am sad to say the my friend, Chef Ulysses, has moved on. He is no longer at CTI.

    We will miss his "First Class" thumbs up, but I was just at CTI and I think you all will be impressed with his replacement(s).

    Couples Resorts

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    BUMMER!!! We have been to cti many many times and one of the people that we looked forward to seeing and sharing things with was "first class" Ulysses. He is such a cheerful person and one that we consider a friend. Last year when cti was still closed and we stayed at css Ulysses came and found us to rekindle our friendship he along with Waterbird escorted my wife to town to do some shopping and drove her there and back while making sure that she felt comfortable and safe He visited a couple of times and we were so much looking forward to seeing him again Now that is another friend that has moved on we have just learned that Ava is no longer at the resort but is at the airport to greet people, another BUMMER!!! at least we will be able to see her smiling face upon arrival! I assure you these are two people that in our hearts will be greatly and sorely missed.

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    Sorry to hear he's gone.

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    He will be surely missed. Outstanding man who we enjoyed seeing the 3 times we have been to CTI. All I had to do was bring over my "hot" sauce and he knew what I wanted.

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    This makes me sad. We so loved to see his smile and hear his voice in the mornings.

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    We'll miss him...a lot.

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    Ulysee will be sorely missed. He, along with Delroy and Calmore, was one of the first people we met on our first COR trip back in 1995. Over the years our friendship grew. We have been on many excursions with Ulie. Going places the average tourist would never get to see.
    We will miss getting little surprises like some lobster tail for lunch, the day after lobster night.
    I can only hope and pray that his mother is doing well and that he will be remembered with an abundance of love.

    First Class, mon First Class


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    O NO say it isn't true. Ulysses was fantastic he always new what I wanted before I even reached his cook station. He is truly going to be missed and whom ever took his place has very big shoes to fill. One Love was truly spoken through Ulysse-he loved everyone and no one should have ever walked away from him without a smile especially after getting his "first class" treatment and that big smile. I hope life grants him nothing but happiness and love on his new endeavor.

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