Hi - super excited to be travelling to CSA on Thursday (28 Jan) for first ever time. From what I've read and reports from friends who've been - we should be in for a treat!
I'm really interested in hearing from anyone whose been whilst pregnant.

1) I will be 25 weeks pregnant and was wondering whether people found the resort is geared up for someone a little less mobile

2) We're staying in a Garden Verandah - are these nice and central?

3) How bad are the mosquitos? slightly concerned because can't use Deet products - so wondering what to expect

4) Food - how good is CSA in 'catering' for people with intolerances? I'm on a dairy and wheat free diet - which normally is impossible to follow on a holiday so I end up with all sorts of troubles - would prefer not to on this holiday!

5) Activities - are there any suitable excercise classes / activities for pregnant ladies? Don't much fancy lying around all day (ok - that's a lie - but I've promised myself I will try to be active!!!!)

6) Heat and humidity - I'm travelling from UK where it's freezing - will it be massively unbearable? Or is it do-able (with lots of plunges into the sea!)

Anything else people can advise / think of that I ought to be prepared for.

Thanks and may even see some of you next week!!!!

ps. Do the rooms have iPod docking stations or should we bring our own speakers?