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    Default Pregnant first time visitor CSA - tips!

    Hi - super excited to be travelling to CSA on Thursday (28 Jan) for first ever time. From what I've read and reports from friends who've been - we should be in for a treat!
    I'm really interested in hearing from anyone whose been whilst pregnant.

    1) I will be 25 weeks pregnant and was wondering whether people found the resort is geared up for someone a little less mobile

    2) We're staying in a Garden Verandah - are these nice and central?

    3) How bad are the mosquitos? slightly concerned because can't use Deet products - so wondering what to expect

    4) Food - how good is CSA in 'catering' for people with intolerances? I'm on a dairy and wheat free diet - which normally is impossible to follow on a holiday so I end up with all sorts of troubles - would prefer not to on this holiday!

    5) Activities - are there any suitable excercise classes / activities for pregnant ladies? Don't much fancy lying around all day (ok - that's a lie - but I've promised myself I will try to be active!!!!)

    6) Heat and humidity - I'm travelling from UK where it's freezing - will it be massively unbearable? Or is it do-able (with lots of plunges into the sea!)

    Anything else people can advise / think of that I ought to be prepared for.

    Thanks and may even see some of you next week!!!!

    ps. Do the rooms have iPod docking stations or should we bring our own speakers?

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    Lucy - I'm so jealous - we go to CSA in alternate years (other Carribean islands in other years and 2010 is not a CSA year!).In answer to your questions (and taking into consideration the fact that I'm not pregnant - if fact my youngest child spent her honeymoon at CSA in 2002!):

    1) no problems

    2) they are in the "new" part of the resort. CSA is long and narrow, going north to south along 7 mile beach in Negril. The "original" part is in the north and the "new" part in the south. There are restaurants and pools at both ends. Water sports is at the north end. The Garden Verandahs are nearest the Great House, Patois and Feathers restaurants and the pool with the swim-up bar. IMHO it is the busier part of the resort. But CSA is not a mega resort - walking from one end to the other wont take you more than a few minutes.

    3) I've never been bitten by a mosquito at CSA - and they love me! I have however been biten by sand flees. They only come out at night, and only on the sands. I do use deet for the beach party and the bonfire on the beach (the bonfire is not to be missed - you will love it - so romantic, get there early so you can get a couple of loungers in the front row). Hopefully others can advise on alternatives to Deet. But I must say, I've only ever had a couple of bites in all my years of going there.

    4) No problems! They can easily cope.

    5)Excellent! There are yoga and various classes across the road in the sports complex. Every time we have been there, there has been a pregnant lady or two in one of our classes. Also the lap pool over there is great for a quiet swim - perfect excercise for the pregnant!

    6) January and Februry are the perfect time to go - low humidity and not too hot (about 28C/82F). The sea is perfect if you need to cool down and CSA has pools at both ends of the resort if that is your preference.

    Re your ps - there are ipod docks but I dont think they charge up ipod touches. I take my own charger for this.

    Have a great pre-babymoon!

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    I have some food allergies and they have always been quite helpful in making sure my food is safe for me to eat. CSA is quite flat so it should be easy to get around. It is a large resort but it should be easy for you since there is food no matter where you are pretty much. It isn't that deep so no matter where you are you can get to the beach easily. Garden Verandas are on the outside of the property so you might be all the way on the side or in the middle. You can always ask for one towards the middle when you get there. They do what they can to accommodate you. I went in April and didn't even notice bugs at all really. I don't think I brought bug spray with me. In Jan it shouldnt be too hot and humid. In April it wasn't too bad. I come from Chicago and Wisconsin so I was used to cold weather. Winter lasts until May sometimes up there! I was comfortable. There is usually a nice breeze and when I got too hot I would swim. Of course when you re pregnant it seems like it is 100 degrees all the time but I think you will be pretty comfortable. I don't know too much about the classes but you can surely swim and walk around to see the resort which will provide some good exercise. I think you will be fine!

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    scratch what i said about the room placement. i was thinking garden suite in my head instead! garden veranda is in a good place for you! fairly central on the property. you can always ask for a lower floor if you want so you don't have to climb as many steps.

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    Hi Dawn & Melody

    Wow - thanks for the brilliant tips. Really helping relax me and confirm I've made the right choice.

    In fact - I emailed CSA and the head chef has actually replied to me explaining that I can bring my own flour (may have to watch that through customs!) and that they're totally geared up for food intolerances.

    so now all it seems I've got to do is sit back and count the hours until I get to go and enjoy CSA - seriously excited!

    thanks again

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