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    Default She is so much more than..............

    I am always thinking about her. She is at the epicenter of my day to day trudgery. Her image remains crisp and clear in my mind's eye. With any difficulty that I may encounter, she is always there to lift my spirits and guide me through my "situation".

    The other day, I was getting ready to go to work. As I approached the front door, I happened to catch a brief glimpse of this somewhat mysterious,enchanting and extremely illusive spirit. Out of the corner of my eye I could see one of the photos we have of her up on the wall. As I said, the glimpse was just a quick moment. But in that explosive moment, that image was like a drug that entered my body and filled me with warm comforting thoughts and put a smile on my face. It was accompanied by a long, slow, heavy sigh.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    When ever her shadow crosses my mind, it feels as though I took a tic tac size charge of splendiferous yummyness.
    Here is another way to look at it so that you will truly know what it felt like.
    It is very much like a really wonderful orgasm. But you make so sound. Show no visible physical movement. It leaves you breathless. Yah. That's how it feels!!

    So as each day melts away into night and then again becomes light for a new day, she is almost always on my mind.

    This kind and gentle woman has many different sides to her. She is certainly not one dimensional.
    For instance. If you view her early in the morning, as the sun is rising above the horizon, she will be standing majestically and ready for another scrumptious day. Her window panes will catch the first slivers of light and they begin to twinkle. The newness of her most recent make-over is evident where ever you may find yourself when you are with her. There is a special quietness to the beginning of each new day. The look is stunning and impressive.

    During the mid day, she begins to show another side to her charming character. Now there are guests moving about her spacious grounds. One can sense the energy and excitement that is being carried on the warming winds. The buildings themselves seem to take on a surreal appearance. Almost as though they were alive. Well, they are alive. Alive with lots of very happy, satisfied fun loving "boys and girls". When the tired travelers get to this playground, they realize very quickly that they can let that inner child come out to play. She will watch over us along with lots of help from her extremely loving and talented staff. She will not judge us or criticize us. She just looks after us in her own unique way. We could not be made to feel more special.

    As the late afternoon sun begins to kiss the horizon, the entire resort takes on yet another face.
    At five in the afternoon, just about all the water sports and activities come to an abrupt pause.
    beach goers beginning to gather their things and head up to clean up. Perhaps a tide-me-over snack from the beach grille.
    Island inhabitants returning from an arduous day on the rock. Stopping at the towel house to rinse off sandy feet and salty hair. Happiness abounds.
    The sky continues to darken and shadows grow longer. The stateliness of the beach front property reveal yet one more attitude. Since sunrise the buildings stood proudly in the yellow glow of sunshine. Now, even though the sun has been replaced by the moon, you can still feel the heat of the day on the walls of the buildings. Night time brings new sights and sounds and smells. In the light of the night our hostess has a regal look.The Titanium white structures are almost invisible as they are enveloped in a black velvet cloak. They now stand ready to feed and entertain us.
    When you look toward the ocean, that just a few hours ago gave you so much pleasure, one can not see much beyond the shore line. You can still hear the gentle rhythm of the waves as they continue to roll in endlessly. But the beautiful blue-green liquid has also taken on the cover of night.

    As you walk around the well cared for lawns and walkways, each place you may be, will give you a new perspective.
    Take a walk to Bayside during the day, and look back at the beach and the buildings. They have so much character. Something carved out of nothing. Love is all around.

    In all the years that I have known this genuinely nice lady, I don't even know her name. She never told me and I never asked. I like it this way. I know her heart. I understand her and she understands me. I am content.


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    simply wonderful, Thank you.

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