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    Default The meaning of IRIE

    Wife says IRIE (I-RYE). I thought maybe I-REE. She pretty much always wins. That's why I married her. 3 weeks to CSS. Tell me what ya tink...


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    "irie" - pronounced, i'-ree. to be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries.

    this is according to the dictionary.

    looks like hubby wins this one

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    I just thought it was a variation of saying "alright"...."irie"...sounds similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by claire7676 View Post
    I just thought it was a variation of saying "alright"...."irie"...sounds similar.
    me too

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    It is not politically correct to say the husband was right and wins. That's like saying the wife was wrong and you know you'll get to sleep on the couch until you say differently.

    I think what Bilkat was refering to is he doesn't like the couch so guess who wins! A true romantic diplomat.

    In that case everything is IRIE.

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    Hubby wins!! It has always meant to me that everything was good

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    "Irie" is pronounced like "eye-ree" and it means good or nice or it can be a salutation. Basically it means "it's all good" AND I guess in essence like what Jasonamanda said. Irie!!

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    I stand corrected..... Wife wins !!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate the couch. LOL

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    I've never seen such harsh umpiring in my life (jasonamanda). That was quite a flip-flop. But, I guess it does beat the couch!


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