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    Default anyone flying out of O'Hare on July 9th?

    Just curious - is anyone flying on Air Jamaica out of O'Hare on July 9th? I just checked and the flight to JA is full - except for 1st class! We'll be there waiting for our 6:30a.m. flight in 7 days!!!!


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    Default Find another airline. Air Jamaica sucks!

    The staff is rude, the airline isn't on time, won't offer you food credit or hotel credit unless you force them to. Our flight to come home was at 4:45pm CST and Jamaican time on a Thursday, Jul 2nd. The plane didn't land to take us home till 10:15pm after many, many delays. The grounds crew KNEW the reason why but the folks working the counter acted stupid and tried to play it off like they didn't know. Even the Customs folks at Chicago knew that Air Jamaica was always late Thur-Sun bringing folks home. Our plane didn't touch down in Chicago till about 3am.

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    Default I know....

    pwrain - I know. We've flown Air Jamaica the last two years. The first year we were on time both ways but last year we didn't get home until noon on Friday when we were supposed to be home Thursday night. They put us up in a hotel in Philly (at 1 a.m.) and we flew out Friday morning from there - and no food vouchers. We are prepared for that this year. I just want the flight going to JA to be on time!!!
    I was just curious if there were any other "Couples" couples flying out when we are.

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