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    My fiance and I are getting ready to book our honeymoon for June 2010 at CSA. We were looking at the pricing for each room (all of which are pretty reasonable) and were thinking about going with a garden or atrium room to save a couple of hundred dollars.

    However, this is our honeymoon. Are these rooms still nice enough to spend and ample amount of time in? Anyone have pictures? We know we will have a good time regardless of what room we get but we want to be comfortable.

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    save your $$. Only thing you will be doing in the room is enjoying each other, sleeping, or getting ready to leave the room! LOL

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    We were at CSA for 2 weeks in June and we spent one week in an Atrium Suite and one week in an Ocean Verandah Suite. We loved our hammock in the Atrium Suite. I have never experienced anything more relaxing then an afternoon nap in our private hammock.

    In my opinion the Atrium Suite was much more romantic. On the newer side (all the rooms with verandah in the title) the rooms are more hotel like and the verandahs are smaller. The gardens are not nearly as lush on the new side either. It is almost like CSA is two different resorts and we have decided we are "older side" people. I am sure there are many who prefer the new side and I am sure they will chime in.

    The Atrium suites only have 4 rooms per building, 2 upsatirs and two down so every room is a corner room. There were 12 rooms per building in the Ocean Verandahs so only half the rooms are corner rooms.

    The older side has no TVs and for us that was heaven. It made it feel like a romantic retreat. For you it may not be. It just depends on what you like.

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    Default No problems..

    As long as you are at CSA, you are set. The room type is just a formality, being on your Honeymoon I would go with the cheaper rooms such as Atrium or Garden because they do not have TV's or anything to take the attention off of each other on your very special trip..

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    We always choose an Atrium, and would do so even if they were the most expensive rooms @ CSA. They are unique and I cant think of a more perfect room for a honeymoon.
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    Room type is really not important, really. It depends more on your budget than anything else. Pick the room you can afford and you will be blissfully happy at CSA. As stated above, you don't spend a lot of time in your room anyway. And when you do you will be too preoccupied to pay much attention to the room itself. All the rooms at CSA are beautiful. Very tropical feeling and comfortable.

    You will love CSA regardless of what room you are in.

    And besides, the beach is the best. I love the beach!

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    I hate to disagree but when anyone says " you don't spend a lot of time in the room" I wonder what kind of rooms they had...LOL.... We spend a great deal of time in our room - mostly on our Verandah watching Sunrises and Sunsets and Weddings and just enjoying our time alone.

    The room choice is VERY important to us and if it was our Honeymoon, it would be even more so.
    Go for the best room you can manage with in your budget.

    If you really don't want to look out to Sea and enjoy the Sunsets and hear the soft waves all night with your doors open, then go with something else

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    You truly don't spend a lot of time in the room. I would save my money and maybe put it toward a romantic dinner for two on the beach.

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    You are right JumpinJen I like the old side too. By the way did you have to stay another night?

    We stayed in the BFS, and had no TV, but LOVED LOVED everyminute of it. I like the older side because it just didnt seem rushed and commerial as much to me. Just depends on what you want. We had a view that made you want to cry each morning and a second floor with the big porch. WOW it was incredible. We are going back in April and trying the Atrium suites though next time due to we had the view now we want the hammock. YOU WILL LOVE IT. They are really good about changing your room if you dont like it, so no worries you picked a great place. Jane

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    We don't spend much time in our room while on vacations. But for us, we have found that the room is still pretty important. Even if its just to get ready to go out again , or to enjoy the sunsets, the room seems to add to the experience if it is nice. Location is important too. We like to be in a "quiet" room. Not located right outside the main pool or near a "high traffic" area.

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    The atriums are our favorite rooms at CSA.

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    Hi Jane,

    We ended up spending the night in Dallas because our flight out of MoBay was late and so we missed our connection.

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    We are thinking about booking CSA, and I really like the look of the atrium rooms, but I have a couple of questions:

    a) I understand there are wooden shutters and not glass in the windows. Does this result in a problem with bugs?

    b) Hubbie thinks he would really miss having a tv if the weather is not so good. Has anyone else found this?

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    JUMPINJEN Dallas huh. Wished it would have been MOJO. Well we got to Newark but than all heck broke loose and we almost didnt make our next flight because JOHN said we had FOOD. which was coffee so it REALLY screwed things up. We didnt get our luggage though till the next day and got home at 2 am. But would I do it all over again? YOU bet ya. Had fun. Wished we would had run into you guys sooner. Its amazing how big that place is and how booked it is and you still feel like your the only ones in the water. Jane

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbabe View Post
    We are thinking about booking CSA, and I really like the look of the atrium rooms, but I have a couple of questions:

    a) I understand there are wooden shutters and not glass in the windows. Does this result in a problem with bugs?

    b) Hubbie thinks he would really miss having a tv if the weather is not so good. Has anyone else found this?
    Hi beachbabe,
    We stayed in an Atrium room last month.
    No problem with bugs, instead of glass they have bug screens apart from the patio doors which have glass. So room stays cooler.
    No TV, I am Mr TV lol, I am glued to it at home. However, I didnt miss it one little bit. If it rains, sorry I mean if there is liquid sunshine, there is plenty going on around the place to keep you going. And if there is nothing you fancy just head to the bars and make new friends. The last thing I looked for was a TV.
    So go enjoy Ya Man.


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    okay so what is the differnce beween the beachfrnt suite and the atrium suite aside from the location?

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    The Atriums have a hammock and the BFS do not.

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    Beachfront suites also have mini bars, which Atriums don't.

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    We're happy just to be there...

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    We are leading to the Garden Verandah, as both of us like some TV at night, plus a MiniBar is a great option for the later afternoon or late evening to end the day!
    Does anyone have room pix of these rooms. If we could we would up to the Beach Verandah, but it is just pushing it too much, unless you can convince me otherwise!

    Any help or insight?

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    We did the atrium suite and I was so glad we did. We chose it because I wanted our own hammock. We were on the second floor and we could see and hear the ocean. Every moment we were not busy and we were in the room I was in that hammock. I loved that room. I loved not having a tv. I loved the cleaning staff. I will admit we spent time in that room everyday and I read in the hammock. Go with the saved money it is worth it.

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    Hi, I agree with some of the other posters, for us, the room IS important. We choose the atrium room. We went in Oct. and there was an afternoon rain shower most days. We loved having an afternoon break in our room and sitting on our huge verandah. Also, keep in mind that you can get breakfast in your room (we do breaky on our deck everyday and then go to the buffet on our last day only). It's a real treat to have a nice room/balconie as your private space. Strongly suggest the atrium.

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    I would ususally say room type doesnt matter but when it comes to CSA i would say book a verandah category to stay away from the half walls used to enclose the bathroom/toilet. I cant believe nobody else ever mentions this.

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    do the beachfront suites have those lounger chairs on the balconys...i know I have seent hen in some of the pictures -- if they have them on property but not on the BFS balcony do you think they would bring some if asked?


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    The half walls, I believe, are only on the 2nd floor and in return you get a vaulted ceiling (we did in the garden suite we had on our first trip). Personally, the vaulted ceiling trumps the closed bathroom for me. My husband and I just had a gentleman's agreement to go out to the deck if we didn't want to hear sounds from the bathroom It provided more leisurely reading and coffee drinking outside, of which I was a fan.

    re: the chairs, I can't answer definitively as it's been a while since I've been, but from what I remember the older half of the resort has the lounger chairs. The "verandah" suites have the bench built into the wall. I much prefer the lounger.

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