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    Default Dance floor in piano bar

    We have been to CN many times, with Dec 2009 being our last visit. We love meeting up with our friends and seeing our Jamaican friends as well. A few of us {me} love dancing. I find dancing on the carpet in the piano bar to be very hard to do. Hard on the feet, legs, shoes, and hard to keep balance. I would love to have a hard floor in the bar. It would be easier and more fun to dance on and should be much easier to keep clean. Just my thoughts. Anyone else's opinion?

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    Is that piano bar only place to dance at CN? I love to dance too and that sounds like a drag.

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    There is also dancing at the main stage at Cassava Terrace (open air as opposed to the piano Bar's AC environment).

    As far as the carpeting in the Piano Bar, it is very short and we've never seen anyone struggle with dancing (other than due to inebriation and rhythmic difficulties). However I believe buckeygirl, just haven't experienced the problem.

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