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    Default ColoradoJuli back in the hospital

    Apparently I have a couple new clots and the Dr put me in the hospital on Tuesday. The main thing they are doing right now is monitoring me and trying to get the pain under control. I was told that I could go home once the pain can be controlled with pills instead of a pump so today I asked for the pump to be DC'd. Bad decision on my part. I'm playing catch-up tonight trying to get ahead of the pain. I guess if I don't sleep well tonight I will ask for the pump tomorrow.

    I'll keep you all updated.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Here's to a speedy and QUICK recovery. Having just recently spent a week in the hospital, including thru Christmas, I can empathize with the discomfort you're experiencing. My stay was a most miserable one, so hopefully yours won't be as bad. Best wishes to you dear lady.

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    Princess Juli...Peggy and I are so sorry to hear of your continued health problems..We are still praying for you.


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    I'm so sorry to hear this. You've had a rough few years. I sincerely hope that things will start to turn in your favor soon.
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    Sending hugs and prayers.

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    Thoughts and prayers, my dear. Thoughts and prayers.

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    It may not have been such a bad move after all. You now know that you aren't ready for the pump. Be confident in your doctors abilities. He or She, along with all of us, all want the same thing. For you to recover. Hospital stays are usually never pleasant. In my case, when I was in the hospital, I took advantage of doing character studies on patients and staff. Try and find ways of keeping your mind occupied and involved. I know you have faith. Rely on what you know.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.


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    Many prayers going out to you! I work in Cardiology at St Mary Medical center and often see the problems you are having. Please stay on the pump as long as you need, while in pain your recovery is hindered. Rest is the best thing along with monitoring you pt/inr. Hang in there better days will come!!!

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    Juli, so sorry to hear you are having more problems. we will continue to have you in our thoughts and prayers.

    get well soon girl.


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    Oh Juli,
    I'm so sorry to hear this -
    Take care of yourself and get better.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I'm Praying for you to get well. Thinking of you. Take care and listen to the doctors. Kim Robinson

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    Juli: Sending love and LIGHT your way. Think good thoughts and picture yourself doing everything WELL and HAPPY. Many prayers to you, dear one.

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    I'm out of the hospital. YEAH!!!

    I got sent home with lots of pain medications and am trying to manage the pain. I've slept well the past couple of nights and Scott is waking me every 3 hours to stay ahead of the pain. Not sure why, but last night my foot was pretty swollen. I was off my foot all day long, yet it still swelled.

    So I'm at home and happy to be here. We are doing a pretty good job keeping the pain under control. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Julie, do you have an IVC filter in yet?? Your doctor has probably done this already but,if not, it is an important thing to ask about to keep clots from travelling to your heart, lungs, brain.
    I hope everything is under control quickly! Don't be shy about using the pump, people in real pain don't get "addicted" to Morphine when they truly need it. Feel better soon! Mrs. BC

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