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    We stay in the building that over looks the pool and spa back in 2000. Can someone tell me what these rooms are that look over the pool?
    We will be there in March and would like to try and stay there again.

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    The old spa was located in building 4, west wing, the main pool could be seen in Building 1, east wing.

    If you want your room to over look the main pool, you can pick building 1, east wing, or building 2, new wing.

    If you want a room to over look the new swim up bar pool, pick building 4, ocean view.

    If you want a room to over look the new spa, pick building 3 or 4, garden view.

    Hope this helps.
    Irie Mon

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    Ok, I think you describe the building as building #1. When looking at the pictures on the TI page, it is in the 3rd pic clear off to the left side. Building that is next to the Bayside restaurant.

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