Hello, everyone! I am so excited! My daughter had always heard me and my husband gushing over our weddingmoon at CTI on Sept. 20th, 1997. (We also returned in 2005).

Now she is making plans to marry at CTI in August.

I know there's some deals out there from Aug. 16th through Christmas. Does anyone have suggestions for where to find the best deal?

My husband and I are hoping to stay at CSA, then head to CTI for a couple days for our daughter's wedding. I read it's only 2 hours away. Does Couples still allow one to jump to another resort?

We're so excited and so happy that she will experience the joy we did at CTI!

Also, can anyone tell me the cost of a wedding DVD and photo packages there? We love ours, and watch our wedding video every anniversary (just celebrated 12 years!)!

Thanks to everyone in advance for your suggestions!