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    I know lobster night is Saturday night. Which is the best restaurant to get lobster and do you have to pay extra for more than one . Thanks

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    All inclusive, means all inclusive at Couples!! You don't pay extra for anything, unlike other AI's that SEEM all inclusive. You can get more if you want....ENJOY

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    Default Lobster

    Is the lobster the same at all of the restaurants or is it prepared differently. Which restaurant is the best for lobster night. Thinking of going to the palms or patios.

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    A little advice would be greatly appreciated. Going in a few days.

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    I have only had lobster at The Palms and Lemongrass (and at the repeaters dinner). I prefferred The Palms. We love Lemongrass, but the lobster at The Palms was a simpler preparation and I enjoyed it more. I never had lobster at Patois, but imagine it would be good as well.

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    We had just completed our lobster at Feathers and we were having a drink at the bar in Patois. Our waitress from the night before over heard us talking to the bartender about the lobster there. Next thing we know we have a bowl of 4 lobster tails sitting in front of us. WOW!!

    Feather's presentation is wonderful. The lobster tail is boiled with a wonderful sauce over it and a fillet steak on the side.

    The lobster tails that we had at Patois were grilled with garlic butter on them. The only thing that my wife complains about is the fact that she would like to have butter to dip them in.

    I've never had the lobster at the Palms, but I believe that it's grilled there, too.

    I would make a reservation for Feather's for 6 pm, then go on a lobster march--trying the lobster at all of the restaurants!!

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    Thanks. Sounds like Patios/Palms

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    Default Lobster at Patois

    Boo make sure that you get to Patois early. We got to CSA after dark on a Saturday last December and it was after 9pm by the time we got to dinner. We ordered the lobster since it was "LOBSTER NIGHT" and we ended up with only one small tail each. We asked the waiter why only one tail and he said that it was late and they were running short. We ended up ordering another entree just to fill ourselves up since we hadn't really eaten much since breakfast that day. My advice..."GO EARLY AND CONSUME IN MASS QUANTITIES!"
    Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    Thanks. Only a few days left . Are the pasta stations open in the palms on lobster night ?

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