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    Default iam traveling march 7th to 14th 2010

    Can anyone tell me if all the rooms have balconys ? some of the travel companies say yes and others don't, i booked a run of the house room, lol, geesh i hope i don't end up in the basement

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    Couples operates 4 properties and some of the room are on the ground floor making it difficult to have a said "balcony" the simple answer is "no" all rooms do not have balconies
    it would help if you specified the resort you selected

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    If you are talking about CSS, then we are in the same position as you. We, too, have booked a Run of House room. We sent an e-mail to Sean Russell about what the ROH room gives you, and this was his reply.

    Run of the house means what is available at check in. Starting with the lowest category, and going up. So if the lowest is available, that will be what you are assigned, but if only the highest is available, that is what you will get.

    The lowest category room at CSS are the ones in block C without a balcony, however, from what we can gather, they still have a good view, and also a big bathroom (someone else on the MB said there were only 6 of these rooms). We look at it as like opening a present on Christmas morning! It will be a surprise when we get there as to what type of room we'll be staying in, and I'm sure we'll enjoy it, whatever we end up with!

    Only 8 more days to go!! Can't wait to be on Sunset Beach!!

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    Are you traveling on Secret Rendezvous or have you booked a specific resort?

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    Which resort?

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    Default thanks for your replies:)

    Iam staying at couples sans souci, and have gotten the information i needed, iam sure i will be happy with or without the balconyand thank you all! for your help in answering my question,

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