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    Default Which resort to choose for a wedding

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to get married at one of the Couples Resorts, but I cannot decide which one to choose. I really like CSA because I love beach(and what I've read so far, the CSS beach is small and not as beautiful as CSA's) and the rooms look nice too; however, for the ceremony, I would prefer the gazebo at CSS over the garden one at CSA(i think it looks more romantic). How are the beach weddings? Do you get some privacy there? It is going to be only me and my fiance, so I want it to be somewhat private. Also how is the resort photographer? Thank you so much for answer and tips. I am just really overwhelmed by all these questions I just want it to be perfect and unforgettable.

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    Finally..Yes,finally a very easy question to answer.

    CSS...Couples Sans Souci...No doubt on this one.

    CSS is by far the most romantic and beautiful resort in the growing Couples empire.

    You can just go ahead and THANK me now.
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    We got married at css in march and could email some photo's and pointers if interested? Good luck no matter wich resort you choose you can't go wrong.

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    We got married at CSA on the beach and it is not private but once the ceremony started, I honestly didn't notice anyone but my hubby to be and the minister.A jet-ski went by and didn't notice at the time.It was on our dvd though.The DVD is a must -do by the way as I blubber every time I watch it!The beach is stunning but if you want more privacy, go with the gazebo at CSA.Tameka and her crew do a fantastic job.
    We went to CSS last winter and yes, the wedding gazebo is very private and a beautiful setting.We just love Negril better and CSA is our favorite place on earth.I'm sure whatever you choose will be awesome. Good luck

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    If the beach is a big deal to you, CSA beats CSS any day.

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    Your wedding will only be one day out of your trip. Anywhere in a tropical location will be beautiful and different from anything here in the US. So, I would recommend CSA because, first of all, it is pulling you and second, you love the beach. CSA has the most beautiful and endless beach you will ever see. The sand is soft and fine and the water is crystal blue clear. Since your wedding is only one day of your vacation, I think you should be at an awesome beach for the majority of your vacay. Good luck deciding. CSA ROCKS!

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    IF I had it to do over again I would do my wedding at CSS, spend a few days then head to CSA for a few days also. CSS wedding for more privacy and the beautiful setting. CSA for the rest of the vacation and their awesome beach.

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