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    Default Booking room and Complimentary wedding?

    I'm new to this so I'm a little confused.

    How do I go about booking a room and flight with a different travel agent/website then the Couples website but also plan the complimentary wedding through CSA? Can I even do that or do I only get the complimentary wedding if I plan/pay for room & flight through the Couples website?

    Example: If I book a deal through any travel company, Will CSA know I have a room booked and allow me to plan for the complimentary wedding?

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    You can book the wedding before you book your room. You'll need to pay a $200 deposit to save that date/time. Then you can book your room/airfare whenever you find the best deal. You can email the wedding coordinator, Debbie, and she will answer all your questions. You just need to be sure that you are at couples 48 hours before the ceremony. Hope that helps!

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    First, you should book your wedding either by choosing your date on the wedding calendar or by contacting Debbie Hall, the wedding coordinator, by phone. You will also pay your $200 marrriage fees at this time, but they will hold that amount on your credit card. After booking your wedding, you have 7 days to book your room or they will cancel your wedding. You should contact Debbie when you have booked your rooms at Couples. After 7 days, the resort will check to see if you have booked and if you have they will go ahead and charge you the $200 marriage fees. I am pretty sure you can book through a travel agent or different website. I don't think that matters at all. Couples will get their money no matter what website or travel agent you pay first. Those companies all have to pay Couples.

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    Just book through your travel agent and tell them your wedding date. They will clear it through the resort to see if the date and time are available---then you will be assigned a wedding coordinator, who will contact you.

    You can also see if the date and time are available somewhere through this website, maybe under weddings?

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    Based on my recent booking experience: You can book your trip first either through your travel agent, a travel website, or Couples. Once you know the period of time you are travelling, you can go to the "Weddings" link on this Couples website, click on "Wedding Calendar", choose the dates you are going to be in Jamaica and click on "View Available Dates and Times". It will give you a listing of all four Couples resorts and the times that are available at each resort. You select the date and time that you wish to have your wedding, fill out contact information for you & your fiance, and can pay the $200 fee by credit card.

    So simple! The wedding planner will email you within a day or two of booking a date and time, and you can start planning! Debbie is really great.

    Good luck!

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    Welcome to the MB and congratz on your upcoming wedding =]
    You can definitely book the trip elsewhere and still get the complimentary wedding. Just go to to reserve your wedding date. The $200 processing fee is non-refundable and paid separately. You can even reserve your date before booking your trip. Of course I would not risk anything, it's better to book the wedding and trip at the same time so you wouldn't have one but not the other. Good luck!

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