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    Default CTI- Hotel suggestions for single guest

    I am getting married at CTI 08/18/10 Does anyone have any suggestions of a hotel near by that my Mom (who is single) could stay at? Please let me know

    Memphis, TN

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    The nicest hotels that accepts singles in the Ocho Rios area are either The Jamaica Inn or Royal Plantation.
    I would check with Couples resorts to see if they would let a single stay there if they are part of your wedding party

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    They will let a single stay at Couples, for a wedding, but at a double room cost.

    Also, there is a cost to spend time on the Couples resort if you are not staying there. I think it's $200 per day. They also pro-rate for the wedding or 1/2 day. Either way, you have to pay extra money.

    Resorts can find maps online, just do a google search for map of hotels in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

    Hope it works out for you!

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    Thank you for your responses, I will def. look into that

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