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    Default Help with CSA room categories anyone ???

    Hi everyone.

    I visited CSA a few weeks ago as part of the trading places programme whilst at CN for New Year and we were impressed. Enough to be thinking about booking our next trip for Feb 2011 there. We were shown around a few rooms during our visit but I cannot remember what type they were and before I book a room category I'd like to be sure of the right room as we have usually had a suite at CN.

    Rooms we visited were 2124, 2131, 2136,- any ideas what category of rooms these are - all different if I recall but can't remember which one was the Atrium (? walk in shower with no bath), and what type the other two were (both had bath/showers) !! And what type of room is the one at the very front of the property with a massive patio (? only 2 suites per building).

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

    Helen (UK)

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    The massive patio two rooms her building sounds like the beachfront suite to me. I don't know numbers but the atrium is awesome! The atrium has four rooms per building and is sort of towards the middle of the property on the opposite side as the great house. It has the big shutters, shower, patio, hammock, etc. The beachfront suite is almost the same but has a rocking chair on the patio instead of the hammock.

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    2124 is an Atrium - we stayed in it in 2008.

    Dawn (also UK!)

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    2124 is an Atrium that has a beach view. 2131 is an original section Beachfront Suite. Two units on the main floor and two units up. 2136 is an original Beachfront Suite with one big unit on the main floor (large verandah) and on BFS up and one Atrium BFS up. The latter has a smaller verandah on the side of the building (6' x 10').

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    There are three original beachfront suites that have a single suite on the bottom floor, with a huge wrap-around veranda. The row of buildings along the beach (with the exception of, I believe, two) are all beachfront accommodations. In the original area of the resort, the Atrium Suites (which includes 2124) are in the interior garden area of the resort, and the Garden Suites front the road.

    Hope that helps...

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    2124 = Atrium (Building #25, First Floor)
    2131 = Beachfront Suite (Building # 38, First Floor)
    2136 = Beachfront Suite (Building # 41, First Floor)
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Oooh ... many thanks to you all. So specific too. No excuse not to go ahead and book now then .... and will only have 54 weeks to wait
    We have tried New Years many times so will now be there for my birthday and valentines which I am sure will be just as enjoyable.
    Helen (UK)

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