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    My wife and I are going on our honeymoon at CN and are wondering what peoples thoughts are about the private transfer from the airport to the resort. Worth it? Type of car? Is it a different experience? Thanks.

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    My husband arranged for private transfer for us from MoBay to CTI b/c TimAir lost our reservation and there wouldn't be a plane available for about an hour. He wanted a private car b/c I sometimes suffer from motion sickness. On our first trip to CTI, I got really sick. The air conditioning in the van wasn't working, it was too warm for me, and I ended up hanging my head hanging out the window like a dog (it was lovely).

    If I was felt ill on this trip, he wanted to be sure that we could pull over immediately but didn't want to inconvenience other guests if we had to do so several times or if I had to lie down. As it turned out, I didn't get sick, and he told the driver that we didn't want to make any stops, so we were at the resort in well under two hours.

    The cost was $120, and it was a van just like the one that transferred the other couples in the lounge to their respective resorts. Unless you have a particular reason to seek out a private transfer (e.g., you want to avoid throwing up on others), the free shuttle makes more sense.
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    I would just take the bus if you want a drive. The bus only has Couples people on it, so it is a good time to meet each other. If you want something special, I would fly her by using Timair.
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    I would say not worth it. Either take the free shuttle with other Couples couples or try the Tim Air flight (we did that for the first time this past Dec. and absolutely loved it).

    Kevin & Angie

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    I think not worth it - save your money for a private dinner or something like that.

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    I agree with with most, I don't think it is worth. On a couple of trips we were the only ones on the shuttle. On our last trip there was another couple on the van with us and we ended up spending some time with them during the week.

    I agree with Elainechick, I would save the money for a private dinner.

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    We like to take TimAir to the resort (so we are there much faster with less frustration) and usually take the bus back. Who wants to go back early anyway. Here is your plane, btw.
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