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    did anyone take the appleton rum brewery tour ? costs ? how much of a day would it take up ?

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    If you like rum, its taste... if you're curious about how its made... if you want to know about the history of rum, and its influence on trade in the western hemisphere (for better and for worse)... you can't beat the Appleton Estate tour. I highly recommend it.

    As for cost, its been a while since we toured... and then it was included as part of a day trip package. You can probably book a tour on-line (do your research), or set something up with the concierge at your resort. Assuming you're staying at one of the Negril resorts. From there, a package will take a full day (9 am or earlier to 4 or 5). From OchoRios, you can probably add about 4 hours to that.

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