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    Default Anybody flown Air Jamaica from Chicago?

    We are departing from O'Hare on the 6:30am Air Jamaica flight. Has anybody flown this recently? How are the security lines? How early did you get there? In past years, we arrived 2 hours before the flight and that was enough time, but I am concerned about increased wait time at the lines and need to know if we need to arrive earlier. God knows I don't want to miss this flight and miss some valuable Couples time! Thanks

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    We flew them from Ohare on 12/27 and returned 1/02. We got to the airport around 3:15 AM and the counter opened at 4 AM. We just sat and waited for them to open up while others chose to stand. Security was quick at Ohare while at MB coming back it was very crowded and chaotic. No worries, have a great time.

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    we will be flying AJ from CHI in April so let us know how it goes!

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    We always fly out of Ohare and this past Dec. it was fine except my bag was overweight so we had to get out of line, redo our bags and then wait in line AGAIN. That was a pain but it was my fault not theirs. Two hours before flight was fine.

    We flew back in to Chicago with a delay of about an hour and that was great because it was only the day after Christmas. We had double security check and they managed to get through that rather quickly.

    Kevin & Angie

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    Sorry, I don't have the answers to your questions but, I'm certain that you will receive a response. We will be flying out of Chicago O'Hara for our getaway on American Airlines, Jamaica Airlines wasn't given to us as an option. I guess it depends on what travel agency is used. I will be watching this post because it will be helpful for us too. We haven't traveled by air in 7 years. By the way, when does your paradise trip begin? Ours is early April 12th.

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    We flew AJ last May and had no problems. We got to the airport about 4:30 I believe and didn't wait too long. Coming home the flight was delayed but what I understand, that's not unusual. This May we are now flying American out of O'Hare but that is because the TA told me AJ only does 3 or flights a week now and not on the day we return (a Monday). So that could be why AJ was not a choice. We get a non-stop flight to paradise but have to come thru Miami on the way home (no biggie to us). Have a great vacation!!

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    I flew the AJ flight that you are speaking about on Jan. 3. This was after the hightened security. We arrived at the airport at 3:30AM. The Air Jamaica counter opened at that time, too.

    While security took a while longer than before the hightened security, there were no long lines at that time of day.

    We are flying that same flight on Jan. 31. We intene to get to the airport at 4AM. Judging by our flight on Jan. 3rd, we think we will be fine getting to the airport about one half hour later than we did on the 3rd for this flight on the 31st.

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    We have don this flight a few times and we love it. Using AJ again in April. What we like about this flight is that is arrives in Jamaica around 1030. We were on a bus heading to CSA by 1045, checked in the hotel and on the beach by 100PM! The return flight is nice also, because it leaves later in the day. We left CSA at 1230, so we enjoyed a morning on the beach and lunch before getting in the Taxi to the airport. We asked and they let us have late check -we stayed in our rooms until noon . Most of the other airlines flying out of Jamaica flights are earlier so they leave after breakfast. We enjoy that extra 4 hours. Our last flight to Jamaica was on a Saturday morning , and we actually left early. We were in the air by 615 am, we were happily shocked. Luckily, none of our flights with AJ have ever been delayed .

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    We have flown to Jamaica all 6 times with AirJamaica. We stay in a hotel near the OHare (park and fly) and take the hotel bus to the airport at 4:00 to catch the 6:30 flight. The airport is empty at that time of day. I'm always so excited to return to Couples that I can't sleep so I like leaving early in the morning and getting there arount 10:30 am. This is the first time we booked directly with AirJamaica. Usually we book with a travel agent who looked for the earliest flight. I recently checked and our flight is sold out so that may be why your travel agent did not mention it. Most people flying at that time of the day know exactly what they can and cannot pack and we have always breezed through security. Let us know how it goes. We leave April 3rd.

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    WE flew AJ last time out of ORD and we are flying them again this time...staying in the Hilton Friday night before we fly out to make it easier not to mention that 6:30am flight is EARLY! LOL Good to know security was not crazy! WE leave april 10th.

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    We are scheduled to do the 6:30 AM AJ flight out of Chicago this coming April. We have taken this same flight twice before without much problem - we arrive at the airport via a local park n ride (we drive in from Milwaukee) between 4 and 4:30 AM. Like others have said, the airport is pretty empty that early, which makes for a pretty smooth experience. We too love this flight because both times we were relaxing on the beach no later than 1 PM! you will love it!

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    We too are from the MKE area and are going in April via O'hare and AJ....when are you going, we are april 10-17th.

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    Thanks for the info. We leave Friday morning (Feb 5)!!!! Cannot wait to be "home" for the sixth time See ya at the Swim Up Bar!

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    Please check this link out. AJ seems to be really cutting back in the very near future. We really enjoyed the direct flight out of OHare
    Route Suspensions

    Effective March 9, 2010, Air Jamaica will suspend service on the following routes: New York (JFK) - Grenada and Jamaica – Orlando.

    Effective April 12, 2010, Air Jamaica will suspend service on the following routes: Jamaica – Chicago, Jamaica – Curacao and Jamaica – Nassau.

    New Schedule

    The revised schedule takes effect in two stages – first on March 9, 2010 and finally on April 12, 2010. The new schedule also changes some frequencies and departure timings. Key changes include:

    · New York will have three daily flights effective March 14 - two early morning departures, one to Kingston and one to Montego Bay

    · Chicago will be reduced to three weekly flights between March 9 and April 11

    · Nassau will be reduced to two weekly flights after March 14

    · Baltimore will operate daily service effective April 12, departing Baltimore in the afternoon and departing Montego Bay in the morning

    · Philadelphia will operate daily service effective April 12

    · Toronto will operate daily service effective April 12

    · Fort Lauderdale will operate four daily flights effective April 12 – three to Kingston and one to Montego Bay

    By April 12, Air Jamaica will operate 161 weekly flights between Jamaica and five cities with daily service to Baltimore, Philadelphia and Toronto, three daily flights to New York (JFK) and four daily flights to Fort Lauderdale.


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    Looks like AJ will become a less appealing option in the very near term... sorry to those who currently hold reservations... looks like its gonna cost you!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I am hyperventilating! Air Jamaica is offering horrible flights to replace the flights they cancelled from Montego Bay back to Chicago!

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    I AM SO CONFUSED!? So we fly out of O'hare on the 10th and return on the 17th via AJ....does this mean our flights are cancelled?????

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    They said that they couldn't even offer me a return flight, so they had to refund my money. What a freaking mess.

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    They are not offering anything to replace them! the only return flight I can find is 795 return trip!

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    Default Air Jamaica eliminates three routes, including Chicago

    Air Jamaica will suspend service on three routes and take three Airbus A320 aircraft out of service. CEO Bruce Nobles said the cuts were necessary to meet financial obligations.

    The first route cuts take effect March 9, when Air Jamaica eliminates New York-Grenada and Jamaica-Orlando service.

    On April 12, Air Jamaica will suspend service between Jamaica and Chicago, Curacao and Nassau.

    By April 12, the carrier will operate 161 flights per week between Jamaica and five gateways: Baltimore, Philadelphia, Toronto, New York Kennedy and Fort Lauderdale. The current schedule offers 160 flights per week to 12 destinations.

    Air Jamaica will offer thrice-daily service to New York (two from Kingston, one from Montego Bay) and will fly four times per day to Fort Lauderdale (three from Kingston). The airline will operate one daily flight from Montego Bay to the other three cities.

    By April, the carrier will operate six aircraft: one A319, four A320s and one A321.

    The government of Jamaica is expected to make an announcement soon on the sale of Air Jamaica. The carrier must be divested for Jamaica to secure a $1.25 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund to help balance the country’s budget.

    Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines appears to be the top contender to purchase and take over Air Jamaica, the Jamaica Airline Pilots Association also has submitted a proposal for ownership.

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    crap. we are suppose to be flying out of chicago on April 17th and coming back home on the 22nd va AJ .... guess I'll be calling my TA tomorrow morning!

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    I booked thru travelocity. When I called AirJamaica, they told me they would refund the money- no other option (which would take several days). When I called travelocity (who didn't even know of the cancelled flights) - they called AJ and gave me 2 horrible replacement flights. One took me to Baltimore for an overnight layover! No way! So after 2 hours hours on the phone with travelocity going back and forth (the rep was very nice) - I suggested a comprably priced flight that I found that was not quite as bad. She said AJ agreed to swap. However- I still don't have it in writing or a confirmation over 12 hours later- which scares me. So I may not even have anything set in reality

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    I just checked the American site and their Saturday nonstop form ORD is still available for 4/10-4/17. It's more expensive than a few months ago, 1081 for two people round trip, but it's nonstop ORD to MBJ. I go on there and check seats every once in a while to try to get better ones and just did a couple days ago and there aren't many left, most not together....but they are there.

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    We booked the AA nonstop from chicago today and are getting a refund on AJ.

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    Yay! Now you can exhale I remember a few years ago when our trip was a mess before we left. I could hardly even form a complete thought I was so panicked.

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