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    Default Blue Mountain Martini

    My wife and I had a Blue Mountain Martini at the martini bar at CSA in December. It was unbelievably delicious!

    Would it be possible to get the recipe for this drink?


    PS. We've booked again for next December at CSA. Can't wait.

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    One part Rum Cream
    One part Vodka
    One part Tia Maria (or Kahlua or similar coffee liquer)

    Some folks like to add just a teaspoon or so of coffee.

    Mix in a shaker with crushed ice and strain into martini glass.


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    That is my absolute favorite drink and it is only at CSA! I have made my own concoction at home to try to duplicate it.
    I use:
    Skyy Vanilla Vodka
    Tia maria or Kahlua
    Rum Cream

    Equal parts works good, but I like extra rum cream. Shake it up with Ice and then strain and pour. Yum

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the recipe! Both replies are about the same so we gave it a try.

    We came home from CSA with a bottle of Blue Mountain rum cream and used it in the recipe. It was excellent!

    Thanks again,
    Bob and Marge

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    Can you buy rum cream in the US and Canada?

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    Default Rum Cream

    The only kind I have found is Cruzan Rum Cream which is made in puerto rico. It is ok. It will do when you run out of the real stuff. I keep a bottle in my fridge for adding to my coffee every once in a while... it gives me that warm Jamaican feelin I need every now and then.

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    I've not been able to locate Sangsters' Rum Cream here in the States, and whenever I travel out of town, I check! I've seen it available on internet sites, but I believe is ships directly from the island. I'm hopeful, however. Within the last year, we can now get Appleton Extra here in the US, and some of our local (Fox River Valley of Wisconsin) outlets do carry it; so perhaps rum cream isn't far behind.

    As for Canada, I believe Sangsters is more readily available. I seem to recall some of our friends to the north commenting about it.

    Notice, now, that I refer to Sangsters. There are other rum creams that are readily available (Cruzan comes to mind). I've not tried them. I've seen recipes here to make your own, and I've heard they are passable. But in my opinion, there's nothing better than Sangsters when it comes to rum cream.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We bought Blue Mountain flavoured Rum Cream made by Sangsters at the duty free store at Montego Bay airport in December. This would be great in the Martini!! Mmmm....

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    Sounds Yummy!
    Art xo Francine

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