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    Default Help needed regarding changes for final payment

    I apologize if I am repeating a question. I did try to search it and did not find what I needed.

    We booked directly with Couples for our trip in April. The final payment is coming up soon but we changed credit card companies since the original booking. If Couples tries to charge the old card they will find out that the account is closed. Who should I contact to give the current information? Thanks.

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    Call the 1-800 number, they will change it for you.
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    call the 1-800-couples number and they will set you up (I had something similar happen when the card I was using for the love-away plan expired and was replaced with a new card)

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    Contact Couples either via the confirmation email they sent you or by phone to make the required changes in payment.

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    Any changes I have had to make even credit card I just called the 1-800-couples number and they will connect you with the right people they are wonderful and very helpful.

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    Call them or e-mail them and they will charge youe new card. they usually remind you for final payment, they have never just charged our card.

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    Lola, I think you only have to call the main number (1-800-268-7537) and follow the prompts for billing or payments. Or even just wait until you get to a live voice, they can always transfer you.

    We had a similar scenario a while back when our CC company gave us a new card due to potential fraud issues (they're the ones who initiated it, we had no clue at the time), but dumb us forgot that Couples was auto-deducting our monthly payment. At least you're jumping on this ahead of time.

    Lucky for us, they sent an email advising that our card was no longer working. I don't recall having to contact them at any special number, which is why I'd just give them a jingle on their main line and take it from there.

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    I would contact the sales office in Florida. They will be able to help you.

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    no worries mon!!! They will call you if and when the payment is declined. If not call them at 1-800- couples and I believe it is option 1 for reservations you will need your booking number or they can look it up under the last name. They will be able to take care of you.

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    Just call the Couples 800#. That's what I did and I gave them the new credit card info and they changed it in the system. The new credit card was charged, no problem!

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    Thanks everyone. Good advice. It's done.

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