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    Default CN or SW - Is the water prettier at one vs the other?

    I know that sounds like a silly question. But I have never been to the carribean and am so excited to see turquoise water! So is it prettier at one more than the other?? We can't decide between CN and SW, so I thought that might help with our decision... I know, call me crazy!

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    They're on the same beach but in different Bays, CN is on Bloody Bay and CSA is on Long Bay which is larger and more open than Bloody Bay. I didn't notice much of a difference in the water at either. CSA is along the beach where it's open and you can walk for miles, CN is on a much smaller beach, less foot traffic and really nowhere to walk other than a few other resorts.

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    Nowhere to walk? I consider a 5 mile round trip on sand to be a hell of a walk.

    The beach at CN is open for the length of 2 1/2 miles. The beach at CSA is open for 3 1/2 to 4 miles. No, they do NOT add up to 7 miles. That's because the seven mile beach ISN'T.

    Both enjoy beautiful water.

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    We were at CSA in June and we went over to CN on the trading places program for one day. I have heard from friends who have been at both that this is unusual, but the water clarity was not as good at CN as at CSA. There was some mossy seaweed that made it not as crystal clear.

    The water is shallow close to shore at both resorts but gets deeper at CSA as you get to the buoys around the swim area. The water at CN is much shallower all the way out.

    We were surprised to see Mento Bands and higglers at CN because in our reading on this board many said you don't get that at CN. I love the local color so that does not bother me, but I know it is important to some.

    The beach is deeper at CN but much longer at CSA. I felt a bit hemmed in at CN, while others love a smaller resort. CN is on a smaller bay that curves in so the neighboring resorts felt much closer.

    At CN the main pool with the swim up bar is in the center of the resort and there were alot of people hanging out there the day we visited. It was very social with a lot of laughter and drinking. The swim up bar at CSA is at one end of the resort and was also very social with lots of fun and drinking. CSA also has 2 beach bars along the beach.

    I like CSA better because if you feel like a party animal you can go to the swim up bar. If you want total relaxation and alone time with your honey there is a long beach with lots of private spots. If you want someting in between you can pool up a stool at a beach bar and have a drink and some conversation with a mellower vibe then at the pool.

    Many prefer CN because the pool and all the restaturants are in the center of the resort and easy to access. At CSA the rooms are in the middle and there are pools and restaurants on either end. I liked CSA and the way each end of the resort had a different feel. It was like 2 resorts in one and I like variety.

    I am sure you can tell we prefer CSA. It just suited us better. CN has many loyal guests who prefer it. Read a lot, look at the pictures, and one of them will call to you.

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    Say what you want about our home but our hearts will always reside at Couples Negril.

    We have been to CSA and both resorts are fantastic and each is designed in a way that in no way can they be compared in any fair fashion. It simply can't be done.

    When you try to make a selection as to which resort to go to ask your questions but let the features and pictures of each resort speak out to your own heart.

    Learn the history behind the resorts.

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    Yes Papa Smoke, that's true, its a 5 mile round trip walk , but there are really no shops, fruit stands, bars, vendor stands, restaurants etc to stop along the way. We like to walk as far as we can toward town and catch a Taxi back if we're tired or hot....
    Some people like to walk to somewhere or at least know that they have the option and some prefer to be on the quiet beach, which was what I was pointing out.

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    Ahhhh beautiful!!

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    I totally agree with JumpinJen. CSA is a bit more spread out, so you can experience lots of different vibes all across the resort. The beach and water are beautiful. We will be checking out CN next October and I am looking forward to seeing what so many people here love about that resort. Everyone's tastes are different, so that is why it's a good thing there are different choices. I'm sure you will love either CN or CSA. We loved CSA and are going back next year. Good luck deciding.

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